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Mike and Debbie's cottage in Wales.

I spent the better part of the afternoon of the 16th resting as I had just had my appendix removed on the 11th of Sept.  I'll be a bit slow and can't pick up anything heavy on this trip but other than that I'm raring to go! As I was recuperating, Mark was out doing the shopping.  We hadn't begun our transatlantic journey yet and we already needed an extra bag.  Granted, we did have to purchase a set of sheets and two towels as the house we would be staying at in Cornwall came without the usual amenities you would find in a hotel room.  Since we forgot to include these in our bags from Phoenix we figured it would be alot cheaper buying in the U.S. than paying double in the U.K. due to the inflated exchange rate. Mark did well. He returned not only with a bag, sheets and towels but also with another leather jacket.

Mark standing in the garden which overlooks the estuary.
  This would be the first of many more jackets that we would buy on this trip.

We departed PHL on the evening of the 16th (Chrissy was traveling on the same flight with us) for Manchester, England, the first leg of our journey.  The flight was extremely full and uncomfortable as we were unable to upgrade to Business class as part of our staff benefits.  It was almost an 8 hour flight, spent doubled up in a middle seat with two small screaming children directly behind us.  Isn't that what those overhead bins are for?  So......we made it to MAN.  I stood in line at Immigration for an hour and a half because there were only 2 agents processing "foreigners".  My husband, and Chrissy who carry EU passports, breezed through their line and already had the luggage and were wondering what the heck had happened to me.  I got to  thinking, maybe I should've ordered that wheelchair upon arrival......

We picked up our rental car and my husband reoriented himself for driving on the "wrong" side of the road.  We are now on our way to Gwynedd, Wales in the Snowdonia National Forest and a very beautiful part of the country it is.  We drove about 3 hours, give or take, through the winding hills and small villages of the Welsh countryside to the cottage belonging to Steph Von Bank's brother, Mike and his wife Debbie.  They live in a beautiful, "period" Welsh cottage....the real McCoy!  Hanging baskets of flowers and pots and troughs of plants and even more flowers spilled over the rock garden wall surrounding the patio outside the door. It was late afternoon, going on evening and we were ready for a cuppa and the warmth of the cast iron stove in the kitchen/dining room of the cottage.  Intermittent rain fell during the evening and the family dogs, Mitty and Buffy, kept us cozy and warm as they lay curled around our feet during a delicious meal of roast duck and fresh veg from the local market. 

Mark and I had an early evening and drifted off to sleep shortly after 2030 in a comforting haze of pain killers (for Mark's back and my aching incisions) and warm, thick duvet that we never get to experience in the Arizona desert.

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Mike and Debbies cottage in Wales.
Mike and Debbie's cottage in Wales.
Mark standing in the garden which …
Mark standing in the garden which…
photo by: nathanphil