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2 days into the working week, only 1 person speaks english in my company, and she's my translator. The rest of the people know nothing or only a bit of english. They speak chinese all the time between themselves, even if i'm with them, not the most amusing situation. But I get along with that.

In the evening, they took me to a nice restaurant, had my first Pork Spine dish, and it's funny because I'm used to eat pork chops and chicken wings with my hands, and they use surgeon gloves for that. I guess it's because of the fact nobody washes their hands before food. In general eating in China is more hygenic than in western countries because nobody touches anything with their hands, and they wash their chopsticks and cups before eating with boiling water.

After dinner they took me to the river side, to walk in the park and see the river. It was really nice, quiet and relaxing. Good way to know my collegues (and try to understand their english and they try to understand my chinese) and to get the food down :)

When I got back to the hotel, I was in a good mood so I decided to try the "night club" in my hotel. I took the elevator and went out in floor No. 6 where I saw something like 30 chinese women standing. Some of them were dressed like hostesses, some were dressed like stewards, some were dressed to kill and some were dressed like prostitutes (there were 6 women sitting on a bench in a very strange way). Nobody spoke english there, so I was smiling a bit to the girls and then found one of them that told me she just graduated university with english as her major. Well... the girl couldn't put together 1 sentence without a mistake and she didn't understand anything I said. So in the end, after 15 minutes of mumbling, I understood from her that the place is a Karaoke place, with rooms in all sizes and my option is to sit by myself in a room, drink some beer, and sing chinese songs - Yipi!

I said goodbye very nice, said goodbye to all the girls (except the ones on the bench) and got the hell out of there.

Today I got to the office and asked my workers to find out where was the last white man seen in the city and get me the address to that place. I'm going tonight on a bar hoping mission to find that person and speak some fluent english!

wish me good luck ;)


pacovera says:
Good luck, ophir!!
Posted on: May 23, 2006
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