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OK, this was one hell of a flight.

Let me tell you something - I fly twice a month, and never, but never, got lucky and spend the flight sitting next to a nice woman. NEVER! (unless she was my friend who flew with me). Hate these flights! always I find myself sitting next to some old man, usually big and fat, sometimes real dumb and stinking. And so now I spent 10 hours sitting in this small chair, squeezed to the window by this old, fat, stinking man who didn't know shit from his life, didn't know anything in English so I needed to write his entry card details, and when the airplane touched the ground (and i mean just touched the ground), the guy jumped from his seat and got his huge bag from the compartment. so stupid... I don't understand these people. He left the airplane with everyone else, and he was with a group so anyway he needed to wait for everyone, so why jump from your seat the minute the wheels hit the ground and grab your bag.

In Beijing I switched a flight to a domestic one. First time for me, and it was a really crowded experience. The domestic flights area is totally 3rd world comparing to the international one. Loads of people, total mess, nobody knows what's going on. In the end I got on the flight, found myself (how suprisingly) sitting next to another old guy, and as i feared I was the only white man on the airplane. On the way the chinese people really treated the stewards in an ugly way, and they drank a lot of beer, which ended with one of them throwing out the whole last part of the trip, leaving an ugly pool on the corridor floor. how delightful :)

In the airport I was greeted by my worker, and by a hot chinese lady who smiled at me and said goodbye in a most sexy way that got me to forget about everything i was just through and thank god I'm the only white person in the city :)

Got to the hotel, found it an old one with karaoke bar singing in full volume under my window - tomorrow I'll move to the city center and start having fun :)


annashton2006 says:
Hey, this is Ann, sorry to hear that you didn't have a good seat in the flight, sorry I am laughting now? You should request upon your c/in that you want sit next to a nice girl.
It works? When I was travel alone one to Australia and I was requseted to sit next to nice man. I got one, we have a good chat but after got off from the plane, we never see each other again. Aha, how un-attractive women I am. Well, sound like you will having fun, ha?

Talk to you sometime soon


Posted on: May 22, 2006
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