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There is a good end to this story, so read until the end :)

On Wednesday evening, I had finally an evening to myself, so I decided to go out and try my luck with the local bars this time, hoping to finally find someone who speaks english in this city. I drank some whisky (I always bring a small bottle with me to these trips) and headed outside of my hotel. I remembered that on my way to the hotel I saw a pub that appeared in some website about Fuzhou, called "1-2-3 Bar", so I started to walk toward that place (there is no way I can explain to a taxi driver where I want to go). When I reached the place, after 20 minutes of sweaty walking (very humid here), I found the place to be too quiet, only tables and no bar, and I really didn't want to sit by myself next to a big table and drink alone. So I left.

Across the road there was another pub called "Shao Yuan Yi Hao" but it was the same - only tables, very quiet, didn't look inviting for a lonely person.

On my way back to the hotel I passed some entrance to an underground place called "2046", so I decided to check it out. The place finally looked like a real bar, with lots of seats, but no one was there, it was totally deserted except for the crew who were sitting and watching some chinese soap opera (samorai style). I ran away from there.

I then remembered that I saw some alley on the way with neon lights that looked promising, so I headed that way. I reached the alley and saw 3 places there, I entered the first one and it was again a nice bar but totally deserted (even the barman wasn't sitting there), so I went to the next one and it was this crazy disco place, with loads of young chinese men and women, jumping around to chinese pop music. I tried to get myself beer but they sell it there by the table (120 yuan for a table) and I didn't feel like sitting and drinking 8 beers. So I left that place as well and went back to my hotel feeling quite depressed.

Thursday passed with another evening dinner with the people from my work (don't be mad at me but I had a taste of my first turtle at that dinner) and after dinner we drove up the drum mountain and saw the city from above. It was nice, but I was too tired to enjoy it, and a bit depressed about the fact that it's been 5 days and I didn't find anybody to speak to.

And then came friday. I went out again (after a sip of whisky) and on my way to the 2046 bar (thought about giving it a 2nd chance on the weekend), I saw some bar that looked busy so I went in. FINALLY!!! i found a bar, packed with people, even saw 3 white people there, and I was really happy. I sat down on the bar and the girl next to me (chinese) started speaking fluent english to me. I was so happy. I spent the next 5 hours with her, her friends, other girls, the bar owners and other chinese people I don't know, drinking together and playing crazy chinese dice drinking game (lost more than half of the times). The owners kept feeding me beer, and all the people around me were really nice. I was so happy to finally find a place. Also two chinese girls took my number and one of them invited me for a tour on sunday. Hope it will be nice :)

So, when there is a will there is a way :)

pacovera says:
Very well, ophir. In Spain we have a say:
"El que la sigue la consigue" :-)
Posted on: May 27, 2006
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