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Greetings from Italy!  So, after our great experience with the sleeper car from Amsterdam to Prague we decided to take another sleeper car from Prague to Venice.  Makes sense to travel while you sleep and the minimal cost of the sleeper car is usually cheaper than a hotel, but we were in for quite a shock!  First of all we could not get a private sleeper car for two, only couchettes for 4 were available.  FYI, couchettes are not private and accomodate 4 to 6 people and you have to sleep in a locked sleeper car with random people.  John and I both had some missgivings, but decided to tough it out and to stop being so high maintenance (we'll I am).  So we reserved two spots and hoped that no one else would show up in our car.
  We boarded the train and it was GROSS.  Unclean, smelly and the porter was useless.  He told us that two other people would be in our car before we left the last station in Prague.  The good news is they never came on board, the bad news is we watied and waited to see if anyone would show up.  Angst is the best word to describe the dread of waiting to see what would happen, but more importantly we could not sleep in such a disgusting space.  I know I am picky, but cleanliness shouldn't be a bonus in an EU country. 

We finally arrived in Venice and the horrid and traumitizing train ride was a distance memory after we saw the city.  Venice is...what can I say?  It simply stated should not exist and thank God it does.  It is remarkable and a place I would love to see again and I hope all of you have the opportunity to see the beauty of Venice.
  We of course ate too much gelato, pasta and pizza and we both had major belly aches, but who cares we're in Venice. 

We took a day trip to Murano (the island that makes al of the beautiful glass).  Visited the basilica, San Marco square and walked all over the city.  John loved the city I think even more than I did.  I saw some of the photos he took and they look great.  The pictures on the blog are still my amateurish photos, but hey I ain't no pro.

We were very sad to leave on Friday, but we were exicted to see Rome.  And yes, I did do a little shopping.  So, Dad and Caroline if your reading this we have some packages coming your way.  Ciao!
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photo by: asturjimmy