Psycho Christian Lady From The Depths Of Hell!!!

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ok...i know what your all thinking...

"how can a christian lady be from the depths of the underworld?" just so happens that they can...especially if the place they live in is often reffered to as "Hell On Earth".

move aside, Hell Michigan...there's a new firey pit of doom.

my trip started out early in the a.m.  bike was all packed up and i hit I55 and spent the next 8-9 hours on the back seat with my legs up on the pegs...(throttle locks are cool when you dont have cruise controll...)

stopped in a small town out side of springfield to gas up and ended up talking to some really nice McDonalds employee's...(darn you southern chicken breakfast thing...

while i was sippin on my coffee, two big trucker's came up to me...and asked if i was commin from the north (which i automatically assumed they were callin me a yankee). But they quickly followed that there was a big accident northbound and wanted to know if i saw it...which, there might have been...hell, there might have been a barn on fire directly in front of me and i would have been to tired to notice...


(more to follow)


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photo by: rotorhead85