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The boys messing at the "Meszaros" restaurant
We started early this day! We had breakfast at 7.30, before we had to say goodbye to our fantastic host family! They were just the best! They were really nice to take us in to their home and letting us stay with them for a week, preparing brekfast for us every morning and trusted us enough to have our own key during the stay. I will allways remember them, especially the grandmother, the cutest grandmother ever :)

We were picked up by Emil and his van around 8 and headed towards Budapest. But first, as we were a big group, we had some problems. Ofcourse, someone had to lose their ticket, and our lucky guy was Preben, Who together with Simen almost missed the plane later in the day as they lost track of time while being in a game room ;p). After looking through everything the ticket was considererd lost, but he managed to get a new ticket on the same plane, though for a much higer price.
Joey in the van on our way home!

We finally got out on the road and most of us were really tired, so  we tried to get som sleep, but that proved to be rather difficult on those horrible roads! When we reached the border to Hungary we faced some problems and we all had to go out of the van and wait for a while before we were clear to go. After driving for about an hour in to Hungary, it was time for lunch. We stopped at a restaurant along the way called "Meszaros", which was quite ironic, as our IB-coordinators name is Mr. Meszaros :p made us face the fact that we were soon back to the normal life of school and exams coming up way too soon!

This restaurant is by the way not reccomended, at least not if you are tired and just want to get back on the road! It took for ever to order, and then we  waited for ages to get our food, which wasn't much to brag about.
Truls giving Tale a hard time while waiting for lunch :P
. All the waiting made us impatiente and according to our teachers we were making too much noise and disturbing the other guests. Oooopsi! we were just tired and wanted to get out of there ASAP! And all the boys were irritating Tale, poor girl :p

When we finally got out of there, I think we all fell asleep in the van, and woke up when we reached the airport. After a tour around the taxfree (very important to us Norwegians as the prices on alcohol and tobacco are so extremely high at home ;p) we got on our plain and headed home!

We all agreed that this trip had been an amazing experience for all of us, and would change us for the rest of our lives :) And the teachers were so proud of us! They said they wrer really impressed with all the work we had done, both in advance and during the trip. Especially us girls and how willing we were to do hard work :p
Normally I would probably not help my dad build a house at home, but in Romania it just had such a big meaning to us to work hard, and we had a great time and enjoyed every minute of it :D
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The boys messing at the Meszaros…
The boys messing at the "Meszaros…
Joey in the van on our way home!
Joey in the van on our way home!
Truls giving Tale a hard time whil…
Truls giving Tale a hard time whi…
Henrik and Chris waiting, waiting …
Henrik and Chris waiting, waiting…
photo by: Chokk