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Inside the bear cave! (will find some more pics later)
This was our first day in Beius with no work!! But our schedule was still packed! As this was a Saturday, our first stop was the local animal market. And believe me, this was quite a sight! They sold all types of animals that could be found in Romania, horses, cows, chickens, sheeps, pigs etc.

They sold pigs, thats not unusual. But whats's unusual is that they sold their pigs out of the trunk of their Mercedes! What a sight! And they did not only sell animals at the animal market, they also sold animal products. Meat, skin, fur, and all sorts of usefull (and useless) equipment.

After a tour around the animal market we got back in the van and drove for a while out of town to the famous Bear Caves! This place i really recommend if you ever should turn out to be in the area, it was amazing!! Unlike what I thought at first, there are no bears in the bear cave :p But they believe it was, hundreds of years ago! You can clearly see that there has been some sort of society there manyyears ago.
Last day out! the group and one of the workers :)
This cave was not found until the 1970's.

The inside is so amazing it is hard to describe, the pictures will have to do the job :p But it was very cold in there! around 5 celcius, which is quite cold compared to the 25 celcius outside :p

We had a guided tour around the cave, which ended where they had found the skeleton of an animal I don't know of. But this was not the end of the cave. Apparently it was a much biggar hall through a small hole we could see in the wall, just big enough to fot a rather tiny person. Wrokers have been there investigating the other side but they will not let tourists in because it is not safe, yet. But it probably will be in the future!

After the visit in the cave we stopped for lunch at a very touristy restaurant just outside the cave.
Tired gang.. BEFORE we found out we were sitting in an army of ants!
And everywhere around the cave people were standing trying to sell you all sorts of stuff. Souverniers, hand made clothes and decorations.

After lunch we headed back towards Beius, but we stopped at a really old, tiny church on the way. It had a lot of history behind it, and inside it was covered with artworks from different periods of time, going waaaay back! And inside it smelled really old! hehe

When we arrived back in Beius wehad some time for ourselves to explore the town before it was time for dinner. Me and some friends were actually rather tired, so we didn't go and do much shopping unlike some of the others :p we were more focused on getting something to drink and relax, so we sat down and just watched what passed us, until we discovered that we were sitting in an army of ants! then it was time to head back for dinner.
Anne Marthe, me, Chris and Preben outside the old church
And for the first time we were not eating at the same restaurant as all the other days, we got PIZZA :D We were kind of longing for that after 1 week of vegetable soup and gulash :p

As this was our last day in Beius, we went out to the bars again at night, but this time we had invited some of the locals we had been working with all day to join us. We had a really great time until we had to get back to bed, as we were leaving early next morning, Typically it rained so much as I have never seen before just when we started to walk home. The rain actually felt painful when it hit me while I was running!

Before we got to bed we did some packing, getting ready for the loooong long drive back to Budapest the following day :p
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Inside the bear cave! (will find s…
Inside the bear cave! (will find …
Last day out! the group and one of…
Last day out! the group and one o…
Tired gang.. BEFORE we found out w…
Tired gang.. BEFORE we found out …
Anne Marthe, me, Chris and Preben …
Anne Marthe, me, Chris and Preben…
photo by: ingrid_margrete