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okay so i believe the last place i left off was just after day 2... and my, my so much has happened since then.

it is currently (and will cease to be in about an hour) day 8. yes, ladies and gents i have been in london a full week. so now i will try to recap as best to my ability the craziness that has taken place in the past few days.

day 3:
hmm..what did we do on day 3? well for starters we had an early wake up for a house meeting that was less than fun and a lecture for class at 1pm. the lecture succeeded in its attempt to make me feel like a stupid american.... on all levels. it was a lecture about the European Union and the basic fundamental history, and sheesh do i live in a bubble. who would have thought that there exists this whole crazy world of both business and culture that i have been unaware of for so so long? anyway, i learned alot and after a random poll discovered i wasnt the only one who's brain was hurting. yipes.

after the three hour lecture we wandered around, ran errands, and just did a general amount of nothing. later in the evening half of the kids went to see the chrisitan slater play the other half of us had seen the night we decided to have some fun of our own in the neighborhood of angel.  we ended up at a brazilian club and had the greatest time. there was a live band that had these awesome beats, they actually served MOJITOS, and i discovered i'm not the only one who LOVES to dance! the locals were crazier than we were....some italian guy named felix asked for my phone # (i dont have one so i couldnt give it to him...thank GOD!) and this old guy who thought i was hitting on him kept pointing to his wedding ring and saying "no touching! no touching!" i know it sounds bad but it was so ridiculous that there really is no explanation for it. and to top off the evening four of us decided to leave the club early, got lost, and ended up taking a black taxi home. it was quite the adventure.
upon our arrival at home we discovered a party in the third floor common room filled with the kids from palace court and the other thoresbians who had attended the play. it was fun to socialize with everyone and just get a little crazy. i finally decided that 4:00 am was a good time to retire and headed to bed.

day 4:

thankfully there was no required early wake up call but we still has class lecture at 2pm. in order to pass some of the morning hours i went out with a couple guys in my house for coffee and then stopped to buy a notebook (something i had completely forgotten i would even need! hello NOTES!). while outside a sandwich shop, phillip and i were minding our own business and got approached by some random man who loved the phrase "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." we had to correct him a few times to straighten it all out but what his ultimate point was getting our view on the "bush" administration. we were lucky to pull out of the situation gracefully because he got distracted by something else..probably a shiny pence piece or something....but still, some brits are just dodgey..even in daylight.

after another lecture (which wasnt nearly as painful as the one the day before) some kids and i adventured out to find food. we happened upon a sandwich place called "pret a manger." it makes fresh food, sandwiches, salads, etc everyday. its really really good, not too expensive, and "contains no nasties"..whatever that means.  after that we went back to the house to prepare for our planned TUBE CRAWL!
we were given three day passes that expired at midnight on friday so in order to take complete advantage of that we decided to go as a group and just stop at random tube stops, get off, and go have a drink somewhere in a pub, any pub, just as a way to see and experience more of the city.  it was quite a great idea though it didnt work out quite as planned. its really hard to maneuver in a city when you're in a group of about 24-28.  anywho we first went to notting hill to meet up with some of the palace court kids at a local place called the champion. from there we went to about three or four other pubs...though i'm not quite sure of their location :/
all in all the evening was quite a success...we saw alot of the city..met some CRAZY locals...and tried several different types of beer. so far my favorite is called leffe. yum.
we returned home around midnight and again headed to our favorite meeting place..the third floor common room. the set up there combines both the kitchen and sitting area where on all other floors they are seperated. i again stayed up far too late socializing and making plans for the following day's adventure.

day 5:
i woke up around 10am saturday morning so that i had adequate time to shower and gather myself for our 11am departure time for a place called Camden market. hallie, blake, phillip, peter, and i took the northern line train to camden town to explore this open air market. it was different than what had anticipated but still it was quite cool. it was very punky/goth with this rock and roll atmosphere. they had all kinds of weird things for sale from knock-off purses and wallets to torn t-shirts and studded belts. hallie and i bought matching england jackets that took us 20 min to pick out. the boys enjoyed our fashion show and holding our purses...i'm sure. when we were done with shopping we had the most amazing falafel. gosh i love falafael.

around 1pm-ish phil and i headed back to angel to meet some friends at "the offside" to watch the football game, while the other 3 headed to hide park to meet up with another group. phil and i (and the others who arrived after halftime) enjoyed a pint and watched jamaica get demolished by england and crouch's signature goal scoring dance. :)

then bryan and i decided it was time to head off to brixton and try our hand at getting tickets to see the goo-goo dolls for that evening. they were playing a show two nights in a row at the carling academy and we felt it was worth the effort. the area was a bit dodgy and the journey quite long, and even though we came up empty handed i enjoyed the company and liked seeing a part of london i probably might not ever have experienced otherwise. we decided that it was a better bet to meet up with some of the kids back at hyde park so we made our way there.

we all wandered around a bit, admired the row boats on the water, frolicked in the fields, and then headed off to the near by notting hill pub called "the champion." the palace court kids had rented out the beer garden for our personal socializing use and we just all enjoyed the very pleasant evening. the day's weather had been absolutely gorgeous (sunny, warm, and no clouds) which was a delightful change from the 65 degree weather of the days before. we drank and were merry until around 11pm and then once again it was back to the thoresby house. i stayed up super super late once more discussing music with a friend and continuing my existence as a social butterfly. after a final concurrence on an 11am departure time the next day for a picnic at hyde park it was time for bed. sleep sleep sleep.

day 6:
daylight here is a funny thing. it stays light outside very very late, like until around 9:30 or 10pm and gets light very very early as well. this i discovered sunday morning when i was awoken by the bright light streaming through my window. i was utterly convinced it was at the earliest noon but my clock said 5:59am. knowing that my alarm clock runs on AAA batteries i had figured they were low on juice and were just behind. i scrambled to my computer because i just had to double check, i didnt want to miss the picnic! i turned on my computer just to discover that it really was 6am and that the sun is just a very early riser here in the UK. the dirty rascal.

after a few more hours of sleep it was finally time to depart for hyde park. there was a group of about 12 of us that were meeting up for this picnic. we stopped at the convenience store and sandwich shop to stock up on picnic food and drinks. we rode the tube to marble arch and headed to the water. again it was a beautifully warm and cloudless day, and the park was packed with people. we picked a nice grassy spot to eat our lunch and just hang out. about 30 mins into our picnic another thoresbian (the infamous, Chadwick) showed up at hyde park with an american football. as if we didnt stand out enough..with our obnoxious behaviour and college t-shirts...we began a good old fasioned game of touch football. we divided into teams of 8 and played for about 6 hours straight. it was so so so wonderful. not only were we video-taped, photographed, and given dirty looks, but we also ran plays, developed strategy, and acquired positions (by the way i'm a pretty mean center). also to add to the fun i dislocated my pinky finger! woohoo! it was during a timeout and i was just tossing the ball with a friend , but nonetheless the damage was done. however i shook it off, popped that sucker back in place, and kept playing with my team. AND I DIDNT EVEN CRY! but now i do have an ugly little vienna sausage for a baby finger. boo to that.
we played in the park until about 8pm and decided it was time to head back and time for dinner. we stopped at "the angel" which is a bar across from the tube station back in our neighborhood and it was very clear that  everyone was on the verge of exhaustion. most of us had our internships starting the next morning and knew we were in for some pain the next day. didnt matter, we had had a blast and decided that the grid-iron was our new sunday ritual. then upon our arrival home i'm pretty sure everyone pretty much passed out.

so far i am having an absolute blast but have decided that this is enough for this entry, and for sure there are pictures to come later, but for now i have to go and attend to some school business. but never fear for i will update all of my days at the internship at the same time.

you never know what tomorrow may bring. :)
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