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alright, so today is day #3 in a new city, new country, new life... and so far it is awesome! it is 11:00 am and i've been up for an hour and a half already though i wouldnt say i've been awake; being up til 4am will do that to a girl. we'll see if i can slap together a few coherent sentences to say what i've been up to the past couple days.......ready? let's go!

day 1:
due to inclement weather in NYC my flight to london was delayed about 30-45 min and this slight delay made me nervous because i was afraid i was going to miss the provided bus and have to manage my way through the london tube system alone (accompanied by larger than life luggage) to my destination. BUT luckily the bus was actually delayed due to heavy traffic about two hours itself, which means not only did i not miss it but i also got to make new friends while we all stood around jet lagged and hungry. then from the airport it took about another two hours to get to the house...needless to say we thoresby kids really bonded. upon our arrival at the house we were all directed to our rooms. they really are quite nice. i  have my own room stuck back in a corner. i partically had a problem with this due to the fact that i felt secluded because i'm slightly away from everyone else and my neighbor hadnt arrived yet. i spent the afternoon unpacking until we had a house meeting at 4. we were then taken on a tour of the neighborhood which is roughly referred to as Angel, because that is the tube stop that is smack dab in the middle. i bought some hangers and a hair- dryer, nothing exciting. later on in the evening some of the kids here went down the street to a local pub called "offside." its a totally green building that shows "all sporting events." we went there to watch the England vs. Hungary footie (soccer) match. we had a good time swapping stories, getting to know eachother, and offering eachother beer advice. someone also presented me with the challenge that by the end of the summer i must be able to drink two pints in a row without feeling effected. ha, we'll see about that. we talked about travelling and already we have rough ideas of going to germany, france, ireland, etc. after the game ended and we were tired of the pub we followed some british guys to a club nearby. it wasnt impressive but it worked; they had a small dance floor in the back and a dj, plus just a general drinking and talking area to suffice everyone AND it was open til 2am so we could linger longer. i left at around midnight  (or 6pm texas time) with a few friends because we'd just had enough and also a 9:30am program rendevous. upon our return to thoresby i was delighted to discover my neighbor had finally arrived just a few minutes earlier. i was no longer stuck in a hallway alone! yay! we chatted until about 2:30 and then finally i decided to sleep. sweet sweet sleep.

day 2:
thinking 6 hours was adequate time to recover from jet lag i set my alarm for 8:30am, i was kindly awoken by a knock on the door from my neighbor at 9:15. lovely. i through on some dress clothes (i had an interview in the afternoon and didnt know if i was going to return home), brushed my teeth and headed downstairs. i met up with the other students and we all walked together to City University where we are enrolled for the summer and will be taking classes. i had meetings and errands and such from about 10-1. after that we rendevoused again to embark on a excursion to the london eye (that big ferris wheel in westminster across from big ben and right on the thames). we arrived at about 2:45 and i had an interview at 4 in a different part of the city. due to the recommendation of my advisor to allow at least an hour to travel and find my way around the area i decided to blow off the london eye with the group and just head off to my interview. so taking the victoria line from the westminster stop to the bond street station i finally arrived at my new place of employment: the haunch of venison. its the largest contemporary art gallery in central london, in a posh and swanky little neighborhood just off of oxford street. i cant describe it to you, but take my word for it that the gallery is gorgeous (i particularly fell in love with the staircase). i met with rebecca who reviewed what i will be doing and when i will be working.  (rather than describe it now i'd rather just fill everyone in when i actually start working this coming monday) after my interview i went back to westminster to ride the london eye. the ticket i was given was still valid until 8pm and i wasnt gonna come back and buy my own at another time for 12 pounds (which at this point comes to about $24 in america). so i rode the ferris wheel alone (because i'm an adventurer) and i must say the views really are breathtaking. even though i kept myself entertained by humming mary poppins songs, i cant help but think it would have been more fun with the group. oh well. that's life.  after that i headed back to angel and to the thoresby house. when i was about a block away from the house i ran into one of my new friends who was already on her way to the play that we were to see that evening. so i did an about face and just joined her on her way to the tube station. (keep in mind i still hadnt been home since the 9:30 walk to the university) we met up with another friend in the station (on accident) and then stumbled onto three more arcadia students on the platform. i love roaming around a city and bumping into people i know! however due to rush hour on the tube we got a bit seperated but i still made my way to the theatre just with a differen companion than i had started with. upon arrival at the garrick theatre in order to see "one flew over the cuckoo's nest" starring christian slater i hastily finished my burger king kids meal (that cost about $6 in america :( ) and headed into the theatre. the play was pretty good except i was so exhausted i fell asleep in part of the first act. oops. after the play 4 other girls and i roamed around the soho and picadilly areas, found a nice pub to sit in for a drink, talked to some locals, and then decided to brave the tube back at the more dodgey after midnight hours. we arrived safely and fairly promptly, thank goodness. upon our return i discovered a party in the third floor common room and hung out there until 4am. then it was sleep time.

even though i know my jet-lagged body screams for more sleep than i am getting the social butterfly within is just screaming to always go and play with my new friends. its amazing how cool we are all with eachother and its only been 48 hours (or even less for some) since our introduction. i think a time limit and the fact that we are all lost in a city together really builds the bonds. i simply love it. i had not one but two discussions yesterday about how we know already that its going to be so hard to leave this place in 7 weeks.

being the texan i am i have already encountered the bush jokes and the prods at my "accent." i have even developed nicknames (already!) such as "walker" and simply "texas." i'm no chuck norris, but i'll try and represent the south as best i can.

even though daddy was right in saying to me before i left "look at her. she's scared shitless." i have adapted fairly quickly and become fearless once more. i am a southern girl but a city girl through and through and i would not have it any other way. i miss my friends and family but my wings enjoy a nice flight from time to time. 

"no bird soars to high if he soars with his own wings." -william blake
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