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Us as Barrill 1800.

For the gory details of my flight down to Rio, read my review entitled "Ode to American Airlines".  I'll spare you the whining in this entry because on September 20, I finally made it to Rio de Janeiro, a place I always wanted to go to.  It wasn't just the beaches or Christ the Redeemer high on the mountain.  It was the rhythm, energy, food, drink and pure samba of the place that I needed to experience.

After a day's worth of travel and a quick shower at the Hotel Mar Ipanema, I met-up with a couple fellow Travbuddies: Princess of Jo'burg - Tarryn (SoloSister), and tour guide extraordinaire Juliana Barreto.  At Barrill 1800, I tried my first and last Caiparinha of the trip.

Shenanigan's at Shenanigan's. Lounge singer not pictured.
  I like the drink actually, and they serve them strong in Rio.  Mixed drinks just aren't my thing.   It was a lovely evening and the restaurant was right across the street from Ipanema beach.  We sat outside, soaked up the atmosphere, and enjoyed some conversation before our food came.  We had a Brazilian dish whose name escapes me, but it was tasty.  It had dried beef, potatoes, and various other seasonings.  The girls, ever conscious of their figures, let me devour about 3/4 of it, which I gladly did.  I could tell that Brazil and I were going to agree on at least one thing: beef rules.

Following the meal, we embarked on a pub crawl of at least five of Ipanema's most popular establishments.  I switched to beer and quickly realized that Brazilian beer is quite a bit sweeter than what I'm used to.  Brahma drafts (chopp) go down smoothly.  If you like your beer with a nice, dry bite to it though, Brahma isn't your brand.  The bartender told me that Brazilians love their beer sweet.  So I sampled about 12 more varieties and concluded that the bartender was right.  At Shenanigan's we met with fellow traveler Dave, and listened to a lounge singer run through such classics as "Is This Love" by Whitesnake.  Not kidding about that either.

All that revelry inevitably led to some late night snacks at a Lebanese/Japanese fusion restaurant across the street from the Praca Ns de Paz. Gimme a break not remembering the names of these places, I had been traveling for 24 hours with no sleep.  Regardless, it was a popular after hours place selling handrolls and various Middle Eastern treats.  We sat outside and watched as other late night partiers emerged from the bars.  After a watching the waves on a deserted beach, we went home to catch-up on some much-needed sleep.  My first night in Rio lived up to expectations, but I was even more excited to wake up the next day. 

sidfresh says:
Good stuff, great to know!!
Posted on: Dec 14, 2007
JulianaBarreto says:
It is very good tosee that you enjoy our evening at Ipanema...hahaha... hugs and take care...
Ju :)
Posted on: Oct 05, 2007
SoloSister says:
Could Shenanigan Chopp have been that good?! I have no recollection of a lounge singer :s *worried*
Posted on: Oct 04, 2007
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Us as Barrill 1800.
Us as Barrill 1800.
Shenanigans at Shenanigans.  Lou…
Shenanigan's at Shenanigan's. Lo…