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"Conservation Chair" by John Cederquist, ca. 1998

San Francisco is a city full of museums. I got to see the De Young Museum in a different perspective when Bridget, bless her heart, snuck me and Michelle into some fancy pants charity party that was being held there. It was really weird. Rich white people dancing, adults dressed like they were going to prom, and an exhorbanant amount of trophy girlfriends and possible escorts (girl in a pleather dress with balding man?). I, on the other hand, skipped prom to go to Reno so I had to wear something my closet threw up. Good job, closet.

The best thing was I finally got to take pictures inside the museum -- they had the first floor open during the party. It was also cool being up in the tower at night. The view is gorgeous.

We got "swag bags" in the VIP lounge, which turned out to be some guava scented hair stuff, a deck of cards, some chocolates, a key chain and a magazine about going to charity functions.

"Anti-Mass" by Cornelia Parker
No diamond encrusted iPods, but my hair smells nice.

My past life going to punk rock shows every weekend came in handy while sneaking into the VIP lounge. Bridget only had 1 extra VIP pass, so her and I got stamped. I grabbed Michelle's hand while the ink was still fresh and tried to do that instant imprint thing we used to do to get into shows free. She ended up more splattered with ink than anything, but it was enough to get her into the VIP tower. Take that, A-listers!

At the end of the night, we had to grab a cab back. Now the De Young is in the middle of Golden Gate Park, not exactly cab land. Bridget was pretty drunk and basically jumped the line that had formed, and stole us a cab back to the Mission. Of course, that pissed off everyone that was already waiting pretty bad -- I half expected to get jumped by fancy pants charity event people!

gentry591 says:
We have something in common--Since I retired I kept one suit-Use it for weddings and funerals--Found out the other day it has moth holes in it. Sure hope people stop marrying and dying
Posted on: Oct 30, 2007
martinikitty13 says:
i usually dislike these type of soirees, but it would be cool to sneak in. :) hope they had yummy hors d'ouevres and drinks.
Posted on: Oct 30, 2007
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Conservation Chair by John Ceder…
"Conservation Chair" by John Cede…
Anti-Mass by Cornelia Parker
"Anti-Mass" by Cornelia Parker
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Bridget gets all posey
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