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The most awesome thing about this photo is the expression on the kid's face in the middle, as he stares into the lady's flowered hoo-ha. awesome.

OK, so it's no competition for Rio De Janeiro, but Carnivale in San Francisco has its share of jiggly ladies, vibrant colors and festive floats, too. And, the parade route is 2 blocks from my house, so transportation-wise, its much cheaper than going to Brazil.

The parade is made up of various local organizations, such as dance clubs, schools, cultural groups, and government entities. It's fun to see all the different national costumes and dances. Of course, the half naked, giant headress wearing Aztec dancers always steal the show, but other groups have a very strong presense as well. For example, there were like six different Bolivian groups this year. I had no idea Bolivia was so down with the Bay Area.

Aztec dancer

One inadvertant highlight for me was the parade manager guy, who was totally the stereotypical Douche-on-a-Segway, complete with walky talky, VIP badge and overbearing attitude, muttering self-important commands all while rocking back and forth in order to stay in place on the machine.

After the parade, you can get lunch at one of the numerous taquerias in the area, or just Mexican pastries and coffee. There's also Mexican, Salvadorian and Peruvian restaurants all around. Stick around until night, and you can get street food from Tamale Lady or Hot-Dog-and-Bacon Guy.

Although the food is great, sometimes I wish we had a little more variety in Mission. I'd totally want to set up a restaurant exchange program with the Richmond.... Trade you one of our tacquerias for one of your dim sum places? Hayes Valley can get in the mix and lend us a froo-froo bistro, too.

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The most awesome thing about this …
The most awesome thing about this…
Aztec dancer
Aztec dancer