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Carol and I were so excited, our dream trip to Italy was finally becoming reality.  She had called me in March to tell me that she was going to Perugia for the annual conference of her employers, and suggested I come with her and we would play in Italy after her meetings.  Thus ensued three months of frantic planning, coordinating and making arrangements.  Ultimately, our day of departure was upon us.


After arriving at DIA on July 5, we learned our plane would be 1.5 hrs late taking off, as there were storms in the Philadelphia area, where we were to catch our international flight to Rome.  We landed at Philly literally 5 minutes before our international flight was to leave, and of course it was in a different terminal. As we had been told that they don’t hold international flights, we were in a tizzy, and beat a very hasty bee-line for the international terminal, which of course was clear at the other end of the airport.

We scurried for about 2 blocks before we finally found a US Air shuttle to take us the rest of the 3 miles (or so it seemed) to our gate ...where there was no one in sight except the gate attendants!!  We threw our passports at them, and dashed down the connecting ramp ... which was another
1|4 mile, to the plane.  Well, we needn’t have rushed, as there were 45 other passengers that were late getting there.  Apparently, the plane scheduled to make the flight to Rome was delayed in Ft. Lauderdale because of weather, and another plane was pressed into service.  I don’t believe the plane waited for the rest of the 45 passengers, as within 10 minutes (as soon as luggage carts … hopefully from our plane … were emptied into the hold) we were heading down the runway.  Carol was much relieved to assume her purple suitcase had been transferred.  It probably took us another hour or two to get our adrenaline levels back to normal.

So, off we winged to Italy.  After a so-so dinner, we tried to sleep, but no success. 
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photo by: crystalware