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Hey Hey Hey everyone!!!!

Yea I know I didn`t write that much for a couple of weeks now and you are probably wondering where I am and what I`ve been up to...

Well I arrived 2 weeks ago in Melbourne and it was really cold, like 12 degres so after my 35 degres over in Thailand it was fucking hard!!!! My face was still swollen... yea don`t laugh coz it was not funny at all plus my cards was still not working so no cash at all in my pocket!

Anyway, I met Evan in the city center (i actually don`t remember where I met him) went back to his place and what did i do there... I slept!!!!!!!

The first week I just sort of visited the city and try to accommodate myself to the building, tram, people, money and all that sort of things.

Opened a bank account which was easy as =)

I`ve met one of Evan`s friend over a cricket match, he tried to explain me how it all works and well let`s say I didn`t understand a single thing at this game! It was cool to drink beer and kind of party again...

My first week end was party, drinking, party and drinking again... what a change from London?!? Well there is none appart from the fact that I`m on the other side of the world hahaha

After sleeping on the couch for 1 week, I decided that I had enough so it was time to look for a place to live and a work!

I found this awesome place to live with 2 Aussies and a big dog in a big house with a giant garden all for $400 per month which is around 200 pounds which mean nothing to me =)

I found a job as well in the sales and marketting field.

.. it was basically a door to door work on commission based... I thought it could be funny so I give it a try.... after 3 days of hard work I decided that it was not my cup of tea so I quit.

I`m now looking for another job, I had few interviews already and I`m pretty sure I`ll find a job pretty soon... always stay positive... plus it`s so easy to find a work already you wouldn`t believe it!

Oh yep I met few Frenchies over here, one girl I`ve met 2 weeks ago name Cecile, she`s really cool and we were working for the same company for this door to door thing without knowing it... how funny!

U`ll probably ask me the question... "how are the Aussies?" They are really relax and laid back... ur late for an appointment, well that`s fine!!! And Yea i`ve met a guy 2 weeks ago so will see how it goes =)

Take care everyone


-Alex- says:
see you soo darling.. great pictures :)
Posted on: Oct 11, 2007
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photo by: jendara