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The tv goes down so we make our own game in reception

Happy Halloween!  No one really got into the spirit around here, what Halloween being a 'devil worshipping' holiday and all.  Oh well, I still wore my halloween hat today at work and wished everybody a happy halloween, most nonAmericans don't know what halloween is anyways. 

So the Rockies lost, I'm sad.  I stayed up all night on Saturday to watch the 3rd game live.  It was on at 12am and lasted until 5.  It was a small group about 7 people, and unfortunately, everybody but me was a Red Sox's fan.  We missed the 3rd and 4th inning cause our satillite went out, but had it live updates on the internet and reinacted what was happening in the game in the middle of receptio.n!  It was a lot of fun, and we were breaking a lot of rules: we were all sitting behind the reception desk, we were being loud, and we broke into IT to fix the satillite.

Eric, the evil Boston fan
  Good times.  I didn't stay up on Sunday to see the game cause I actually had to get up on Monday and work so I couldnt' stay up until 5 again and then function properly the next day.

The week has gone by slowly, but steadily.  Tonight I signed up for Swimmers Watch with my friend Erika.  Basically, we get to walk around the bridge and shine big lights into the water (except that the light we had was almost dead and didn't illuminate anything at all) and make sure no one is trying to climb onto the ship and steal things, plus they give us a radio to wear in order to call security if we see anything. We have UN soldiers walking the dock and security guards all around, but still things get stolen.  So we had a 2 hour shift from 10-midnight.

Erika walks the catwalk, scanning the waters for intruders
  Supposedly 2 nights ago, they caught 4 guys in the water trying to get aboard, so we kept our eyes peeled.  It was kinda cool being up in a normally restricted area.  The bridge is at the front of the ship and has this catwalk that goes around the sides and front of it.  The sides hang out over the water, so if you look down by your feet you can see the ocean through the grates.  Looking straight ahead all we could see was blackness, there was nothing there, no lights, no definition between water and sky.  It rained alittle while we were out there and off over the ocean lightning flashed.  It was really cool to watch.  Nothing exciting happened and the 2 hours went by really fast. 

So now its past my bedtime so goodnight

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The tv goes down so we make our ow…
The tv goes down so we make our o…
Eric, the evil Boston fan
Eric, the evil Boston fan
Erika walks the catwalk, scanning …
Erika walks the catwalk, scanning…
I shine our pretty useless light o…
I shine our pretty useless light …
photo by: ulis