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Water Street Market

Time for an update.  Its been a semi relaxing weekend.  Friday went out with a bunch of people to a couple of markets.  The first one was about an hour walk from the ship, a busy street full of tiny dark shops with people selling their goods where ever there was room.  I bought a nice painting and some fabric.  Its taking some getting used to how they sell fabric.  They sell them by 'lapas', one lapa = 2 yards (or there about). So I bought 2 lapas for $10, not bad considering that back in the states they would have cost me $6/yard.  We went to another market in the afternoon, a craft market, that had alot of wooden statues, paintings and ivory items.  Didn't buy anything there, just window shopped.  Then Friday night went out with a bunch of girls from the OR to a nice beach side resteraunt, where we walked in the waves and chased crabs in the dark while we wanted for our dinner.

Dinner at Golden Beach

Yesterday I didn't do much, I was on call for the OR, so I couldn't leave the ship.  I did get some laundry done and finished my book.  Had a case in the evening, a little girl who needed her trach tube changed.  It was a quick case which was good, cause she was really scared. 

Today was supposed to go to a local church, but our vehicle was dead and there weren't any more, and then it started to pour rain so we decided not to go out and just go to the ship service tonight.  So now i'm sitting here in the town square on my computer.  Theres talk of going to the old hotel which is on this big hill and you can climb up to the top to get a 360 view of the city.  Its not a working hotel anymore cause it was bombed and gutted during the war.  Should be fun.

So I'm also including pics of my room in the basement (aka deck 2).  I'm still by myself, which is ok.  There is a strange musty smell going on in the basement, that only lives in the basement, so hopefully i wont come home smelling like it. 

so thats it for now, sorry this entry is choppy and not very well written, I was in a hurry and didn't have a whole lot to say.

peterschmidt says:
Hi, Jen! I finally figurd out how to post a comment so now I can...sorry I am so old and computer challenged. Anyway, loved your latest entry...wonder if it stopped raining so you could get out some today? Thanks for including all of the photos, expecially appreciated seeing what your room (cabin?) looks like. Not so excited about seeing what happens if you try to go thru a hydrolically closing door... Are you standing in the Atlantic Ocean? Do people stop to look at all of you "gringo4es" as you walk through the town? (Or what do the Africans call caucasians?) Do you feel safe?

I spent the day training one puppy and 2 dogs who should know better by now, how to behave. We are all exhausted but Tori is a really smart dog.

Love you bunches! Mom P.S. Keep up the great work and write whenever you can.
Posted on: Oct 14, 2007
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Water Street Market
Water Street Market
Dinner at Golden Beach
Dinner at Golden Beach
Standing in the waves at Golden Be…
Standing in the waves at Golden B…
My home sweet home
My home sweet home
The warning on the watertight door…
The warning on the watertight doo…
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