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The Sunset Club

This is going to be a short and sweet entry.  Its been awhile since I've updated, but its Friday and its getting late, so I'm not going to make this long.  I have to get up early tomorrow cause we are going to the Bong Mines, which will be fun, but I'll tell you all about that when I get back.  The work went has come and gone, yeah for the weekend!  We had a real scare in the OR today, one of our patients had massive bloodloss and we had to give transfussions.  Its not like back in the states where we call the blood bank and get 4 units sent up.  When we arrive on the ship we are asked to sign up to be blood donors and then are typed and screened.  If a patient needs blood, they match them to the closest crew member with that blood type and then page them.

Erika & Jen, the cookie elves, in the crew galley
  So we have to wait for the donation to occur and while the blood is still warm we hang it.  This patient was given 2 units of blood in the OR and probably one more in ICU.  As far as I know, he's doing fine, once we got the bleeding under control. 

So had a good supper tonight, I think we got a new cook, cause the food has been really good this week, last week it was lacking.  We even had dessert!  So after the sunset tonight (a bunch of us gathers on the dock and watch the sunset into the ocean- we call ourselves the Sunset Club), we had an assembly line to make sandwiches for our trip tomorrow and then Erika and I made cookies.  In our ship shop they have a mini grocery store (when I say mini, i mean mini, 3 shevles of basic baking needs including cookie dough, butter and eggs)  According to the package of chocolate chip cookie mix, it said it'll make 3 dozen cookies, we only got 21.  They weren't big cookies and we didn't eat the dough, there just wasn't enough dough!  Oh well.  So its now 9pm and I have to be on the dock by 6:15 tomorrow morning, so goodnight.

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The Sunset Club
The Sunset Club
Erika & Jen, the cookie elves, in …
Erika & Jen, the cookie elves, in…
photo by: ulis