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our plane! Boeing 777. Absolutely HUGE!
This was the start of my trip, my last day of school ever was the day before but it was meant to be the Friday hwoever i didnt realise this when i booked my ticket thus i missed graduation doh! I had studied at ASTOR COLLEGE FOR THE ARTS for the last 7 years and gained 14 GCSE'S, 2 A Levels and an AS Level and will never forget my time there! Anyways back to the trip I checked in online the night before which is a good idea if you're leaving from Heathrow! My flight to Seattle with British Airways was due to leave at 5.15pm so I arrived in good time at Heathrow around 12.30. I can honestly say I have never seen such chaos in all my life! Terminal 4 was crazy, thousands upon thousands of people all around with no real idea of what was going on. My stepdad had literally just dropped me off in the car park so no emotional goodbye ha, i fought my way through to the bag drop as I checked in online the night before so thought i could just drop my bag and go but hey i couldnt, I waited until nearly 2pm to get to the counter where I was told i couldnt drop my bags off just yet, i had to go back at 3pm so I went and sat down out of the way by a shop. At about 2.30 I joined the line again and reached the front about 45 minutes later, i dropped my bag off, there was hardly any airline representatives helping people, it was literally chaos, there were lots of foreign travellers very confused, several times people from China and Japan were asking me for help but they couldnt understand me and i couldnt understand them doh!, finally made it to the front and dropped my bag and went through security which was actually quicker than Gatwick for once!  Went and sat by one of the flight information screens and read my book, about 4.30 our gate number came up and I made my way to the boarding area. I got to the boarding area and took a seat and people watched, there were about 30 americans  all stood by the counter looking anxious (they could be characteristed by their USA caps and their bumbags ;s), this is something iv noticed about Americans, they like to hang round the counter, i dont see that much in Europe usually people just sit and read their books or chat on their phones, it was quite amusing to watch. Our flight was delayed leaving for an hour due to catering or something like that gayyyy so I sat talking to a really nice american lady who had gone to London on her own, whilst she was talking to me she saw a lady who worked with her in Seattle and was getting on the same flight as us, she didnt know that they were both in London, how random is that! I chose an aisle row so i could stretch my feet out, BA have such little leg room, they are the causes of DVT! ha. We took off about 6.30pm and i was glad to see the back of LHR and to say hello to Seattle! If travelling from Heathrow make sure you leave yourself enough time, it is incredibly busy or fly from Gatwick its much nicer!! Arrived into Seattle around 7pm their time and about 4am in the UK time so i was really tired, Aimee rugby tackle hugged me when i arrived and i hugged her her parents and we set off on the long 3 hour drive down to Vancouver, WA it would have been a lot easier to fly into Portland but i didnt realise that but never mind. We stopped off at a Dairy Queen on the way back and we all got some food and i fell asleep full of fast food but i was so happy to be in the USA woohooo!!
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our plane! Boeing 777. Absolutely …
our plane! Boeing 777. Absolutely…
photo by: ulysses