Wieliczka Salt Mine, I left with a salty taste in my mouth!

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the room where the last supper was.. ahahah
This was one of the most random and fun days we spent in Krakow. My grandma told me me and Louise HAD to visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Its located in the metropolitan area of Krakow and was until 2007 fully operational. Me and Louise took a taxi to the site, it was a very hot day so we went to get a drink straight away. We went to a drinks stall but there was no one there so we waited a minute and suddenly this girl turned up and asked us what we'd like to drink and his huge fat German man came out of nowhere and sort of shrieked 'I VOZ HERRE VIRSTTT!' and me and Louise tried not to laugh but it was so funny, we let him go in front of us and he sort of gave us this really evil look like we'd just killed someone.
ahaha its the salsa dancing salt trolls!
So we got a drink then headed to go get our tickets, i cant remember the price but it really is worth it. We had our tickets and had to queue outside as it was so busy, it was so hot and there was no shade :( Waited in line for about half an hour before the tour started, there were about twenty people in our group, me and Louise stuck near the back, our tour guide had the cutest accent and she kept saying the word 'seepage' seriously it was in every sentence and with her accent made it sound so funny. The tour encompasses 3.5km so its quite a hike with lots of slopes and stairs. We first had to descend about 300 wooden stairs to the bottom which took about 10 minutes, we laughed most of the way and took posing photos on the stairs. The guide began explaining the history of the mines which was very interesting but Louise thrust her camera into my hand and told me to snap some photos of her and soon she was licking the salty walls! oh my it was hilarious, we just took photos of us licking the walls, it didnt taste very nice.
We have a friend Hana who is very sweet but incredibly ditzy, one time me and my friends went out to dinner and had chinese food but Hana didnt want to come as chinese food is salty and greasy she said, to our amazement after we left the restaurant (this was in Dover) we saw Hana and she'd just been for a McDonalds so of course thats not salty or greasy so we tease her about the salty thing and imitate her voice and say 'salty greasy!' its an inside joke between us and is really stupid. So here's Louise now looking like shes humping the walls of the salt mine and licking it and shouting 'salty greasy!!' and we both could not stop laughing, we deliberately stayed right at the back of the group as not to disturb the others. We kept on walking and found this one area where there were about 20 little trolls made out of salt and it was just me and louise by this point and suddenly these disco lights came on illuminating the trolls and i think it was a Gloria Estefan song - Conga that came on and it was a troll disco, this did nothing to stop us laughing and by this point we were in uncontrollable hysterics i think i have never seen something so funny in my whole life! We finally caught up with our group and entered a big room where The Last Supper had been recreated with salt and again we struggled to stop laughing.
I have no idea what came over us but we just had the giggles. We carried on the tour and i really cant remember too much as we just laughed most of the way, the salt mines are really amazing but we couldnt control our giggles. We laughed all the way to the exit which was a tiny closet that also acts as a lift and took about 30 seconds to reach the top, just as the doors were about to close, the huge fat German man from the drinks stall squeezed into the lift and me and Louise again dissolved into hysterical laughter, we must have looked like a right pair of weirdos. Please please if you visit Krakow try and visit the Wieliczka Salt Mines and I just hope you have as muich fun as we did!  and look out for those trolls!!
cyndiemd says:
I visited the Salt Mines when I was in Poland, what a great place!
Posted on: May 25, 2008
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the room where the last supper was…
the room where the last supper wa…
ahaha its the salsa dancing salt t…
ahaha its the salsa dancing salt …
No crazy salt man, I WILL NOT MARR…
No crazy salt man, I WILL NOT MAR…
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