Krakow, what a kracker!

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Our flight left Gatwick at 7am so Louise picked me up from my house at about 2.30am and drove us to the airport, i was feeling pretty awake considering i hadnt slept and neither had Louise! she drove pretty fast and ran over a bunny rabbit on the way doh she braked really hard to avoid hitting it but it was too late and we both felt like we had whiplash after that! usually the drive takes about an hour to an hour ten and we got there in good time, i dont like BA at Gatwick as the queues are always so long especially early in the morning even though all we had to do was drop bags off :( we checked in ok but we started feeling so tired.

We sat at our gate area and read a magazine and llistened to my mp3 player to keep ourselves amused. We got bussed out to the plane, kind of rare for Gatwick normally they just use the jetways. We flew with BA direct to Krakow, flight was about 2 1/2 hours and we dozed most of the way and had our blankets pulled up to our chins! Picked our suitcases up when we landed, absolutely tiny airpor it was so funny there were only 2 baggage carousels and a teeny security area, the heat was stifling and me and louise thought we'd actually got on the wrong flight and were in Spain or somewhere! Apparently Poland has a  2 week heatwave every summer in July ouch it was very hot!

We arranged airport pickup with our accomodation, went back to guestrooms sorted our bags and room out and went and had lunch and then collapsed and slept until 9pm, all i remember was reading my book and i must have fallen asleep without meaning to! we both awoke at the same time aswell which was pretty funny.

We made our way into the main square of Krakow which only took about 5 minutes to walk, a strange play was being acted with people dressed as white trees which was pretty amusing! Walked around for an hour and we stopped at mcdonalds for dinner as we were too tired to cook and wanted so fast food, we ate there then headed back to our room to to rest our tired eyes! :P First impressions of Poland, we were very impressed, to put it in Louise's words 'i thought Poland was backwards.. well not backwards but a bit like behind with the times' and we both couldnt have been more wrong. Krakow is the place to be! An incredibly cool and charming City!
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photo by: ulysses