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Sept. 16, 2007: Day 6 • Last Day in London

Beata, Wojtek, Magna and Ania took me out to eat breakfast at a pub/restaurant down the street from them. The menu consisted of two meals; small and large. The small came with one sausage, one mushroom, one hash brown, one egg, some beans and toast. The large had double what the small did. I pleaded with them to let me buy my own meal, but they wouldn’t have it. So I said, “Fine, I’ll have the small.” There was no waitress and so Beata went up to the bar and ordered.


When the food came, there were two larges; one for Wojtek and one for me. I said, “Guys!” And they just smiled and said “All yours!” I dug in.


Magna and Ania are cousins. Ania came over to London first and Magna followed. They are both nannies.  Wojtek came over to London about three years ago and works as a carpenter.


I was stuffed after breakfast. Since starting my trip I’ve eaten considerably less than I did in America. I’ve actually felt great too. I feel like I have more energy and am healthier. The ‘large’ breakfast put me into an almost drugged state since my body was not used to that much food, especially meat and eggs.


They talked about what to do, and decided to take me to a building overlooking the city Wojtek went off to buy some shoes and the rest of us caught a bus to the site. Fortunately my food-induced drugged state was behind me as we walked up the hill to the building.


The building was used to make the first “regular high definition television service” on November 2, 1936 by the BBC.

There is a large antenna on one corner of the building.


The view from the building was all encompassing. We were a few miles from downtown but you could still see the London Eye (Ferris wheel) and skyscrapers that make up the business district.


We then split paths as they went to church and I got on the tube to meet Justin at 2pm. It was a nice morning. Enjoying it with three attractive women probably helped.


Justin and I had two goals for the evening; to watch the Thames Festival Carnival and Fireworks, and to finalize logistics for our trip to France the next day.


After a couple of hours we accomplished the latter goal.

So we took the rail from his hostel to the London Bridge station and walked to one of the many bridges over the Thames River. The parade was on-going and we scrunched in to get a view. Many floats went by us, each representing a different ethnic group it seemed. They all played music and most of them had dancers in front of the float. The last float was a huge Phoenix with smoke rising from it.


Only a few minutes after the parade the fireworks began. We were able to watch them from the bridge and had an excellent view. Justin said they were the best he’s ever seen. We were both clicking our cameras like crazy during the parade and fireworks and had to stop for a few minutes to just take in the atmosphere and splendor of it all.


We split paths again for the night and I bought two bottles of wine to take back to Beata’s place as a thank you. But I arrived at 11:30pm and no one wanted to drink wine. So I left it for them. I hope they drink it!

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photo by: ulysses