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Could she get any cuter?

Okay, I have to admit there is one negative thing about this house. The pool was not heated. Making for some frigging artic like water. The rental company said they'd be more then glad to heat the pool...for an addition $500. Talk about crazy. So one of the guys goes and buy a "thermal pool heater". Now being in Florida, I've never heard of such a thing. Apparently is a big sheet of plastic that covers the entire pool. It actually looks like a big sheet of inch thick bubble wrap. Supposely the sun heats the water, and the sheet keeps the water from loosing that heat. Let me tell you....IT DIDN'T WORK.

What it was good for was drunken entertainment. Cause by now you have a house full of drunk guys thinking: "if we run really fast across it, we can make it to the other end of the pool" or "lets use it as a slip-and-slide". It was very entertaining to see a group of guys jump onto this thing and try running across. It didn't work as a pool heater, it didn't work as a way to walk on water, and it didn't work as a slip-and-slide.

However, it was very funny waking up the next morning looking down from the balcony to see several holes in the pool heater. This is the result of the plastic not bearing the weight of the idiot that was on it, his foot breaking through the plastic, and him sinking to the bottom of the pool. Too bad I didn't have a pciture of it :-)

Deb says:
God, I'm glad noone drowned! Actually, I hate the way thos realtors charge all the extra money to heat the pool. It's definitely a scam!!
Posted on: Oct 16, 2007
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We should have never brought that shovel.

Okay I have to get this off my chest so I won't burn in hell. The other day when we all went to the beach, our friends, Josh and Jessica, brought along their daughter Emila. Heck the main we went was so Emila could build some sand castles.

Anyway, Emila starts to build her first sand castle. And then Jessica decided that the castle needed a moat (is this the correct spelling) around it. So I run back to the house to grab a shovel for the moat. I get back to the beach and start digging. There's now a moat around the castle. Then we decided that the moat needs water in it. We're only a few yards from the surf line, so I start digging a trench to the surf. So when the water comes in, some of it will go into the trench to eventually reach the moat and fill it up.

The board walk leading to the beach.
Job done. She is a happy camper.

So when we left the beach, we left the sand castle in tack for the other kids to play with. So the next day, we head back to the beach for some sun. Since its sunnier today, its a bit more crowded. But not too bad. We find a spot a few yards from where we were previously. We see that there is now a life guard on duty cruising up and down on her four wheel ATV. She goes down towards the pier and then comes back. Eventually she get near to where we were yesterday. Near where our sand castle and trench were. The next thing you know, we see her go flying over the handle bars as the front end of the ATV disappears into the sand. A collective "oh shit, look at that" comes out of our mouths.

The next thing we hear is...."hey isn't that the trench you guys dug yesterday" from behind us. We all turn around. Apparently the group that was behind us, is the same group that was beside us yesterday. Then the next thing to come out of our collective mouths was..."time to go". You should have seen how fast we packed up and quickly (but not too quickly) got out of there.

At least the life guard was not hurt.

Ann_Hells says:
haha! My grandmother always warned me to cover any hole I dug in the sand, but I hadn't actually heard of anything ever happening from one!
Posted on: Oct 04, 2007
mswim says:
Posted on: Oct 04, 2007
Could she get any cuter?
Could she get any cuter?
We should have never brought that …
We should have never brought that…
The board walk leading to the beac…
The board walk leading to the bea…
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