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Well it had to end sooner or later. Today was our last day in the house. Everyone that had arrived for the wedding has come and gone. So now its just our original core group which arrived last Sunday. Needless to say, we had to get the house spotless and be out of there by 10am. With everyone chipping in, we got the place as clean as possible.

Since we had a few hours to kill before hitting the road, the girls decided to drag my ass along as they went shopping. You know a guy being dragged shopping by one girl is bad enough. Now imagine that with 3 girls. Who knew that 3 girls could get so much shopping done in a couple of hours. Its got to be a female gene of some kind. Right as you get into the city of Duck, there is a strip of little shops. Alot of them are actually kinda cute and not too over priced. At least all the girls were able to get little somethings for everyone back home.

We stopped for lunch at Fishbone's which is located in the Scarborough Lane Shoppes. Its you average seafood bar and grill. Lunches were pretty decently priced. A friend and I had ordered the blacken dolphin sandwich. Pretty good and filling, just the thing we needed before hitting the road.

The ride home was LOOONNNNGGG. Next time I am flying. And believe it or not, there are actually speed traps all along the route to and off the islands. My sis was driving when we got pulled over for speeding. We didn't see a sign anywhere. Lucky for her, the state trooper let her off with a warning.

Arrived home at 6 in the morning after driving all night. Then it hit me that I was finished with another trip and was stuck back in Florida again :-(  Guess I better start saving for the next trip ASAP :-)


dodge says:
hahaha Ya shopping runs in our x chromosome. They finished in few hours, that's called mercy :D
Posted on: Oct 14, 2007
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