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Us eating at the Black Peligan.

Okay, I forgot something that I think is important. Since I graduated from the University of Florida, I tend to be a Gators' fan. Be it football (American style) or basketball, I try to catch as many games as possible. And I know that a bunch of the guys are huge football fans why not enjoy the theater room that came with the house. It has eight big comfy seats that recline, along with surround sound. And less not forget the huge 15 foot screen.

Anyway, it was game night. Number 1 LSU (I don't know how) versus number 3 UF (the Gators). Since UF is the defending national champs, winning this game would give them another shot at another title. It would be a great game.

So you ask why is this important? Well think about it. What goes great with college football? Well.

Did I mention that Dave got food poisoning from the oysters :-{
..its beer and wings. I love chicken wings!!  Since we have beer at the house, all we needed was some wings. So we figured we'd just pick some up on the way home. But nooooo....this is whats important.....this town has no place to pick up wings!!!!!!!!! Yes, you have bars that serve wings. But you really can't order like a 200 wings to go....that and it would have been pricey.

So you either grill your own wings. Or you have to place an order of like 20, with 10 wings each. Who wants to do the first when you're already drunk? And who can afford to do the second? I mean in Florida, you have wing shops everywhere like you have curry houses in London.

So ask yourself, could you really live in this town during college football season and survive?

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Us eating at the Black Peligan.
Us eating at the Black Peligan.
Did I mention that Dave got food p…
Did I mention that Dave got food …
This is what happens when you give…
This is what happens when you giv…
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