Top 5 Tips To Work While Travelling

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Be flexible regarding how you are paid.  If cash isn’t a necessity, an employer may be far more willing to hire you on at an informal work place.  Hostels will hire travelers that show an interest in working the front desk or doing laundry in exchange for room and board.  Restaurants will hire waiters in exchange for 3 meals a day and the tips you earn.  And a bar, well, it might be easy to guess how one is compensated for that job.


2.)    Use your native tongue.  More often than not, there will be a language barrier if you are traveling internationally.  That can make it difficult to be hired in a position that works directly with native speakers. The best way to circumvent this is to appeal directly to the businesses that cater to English speakers.  In every metropolis there are a multitude of restaurants, bars, tour agencies, newspapers and all types of operations that target English speakers.  Find these businesses and reach out to them.  Sometimes, even locally owned restaurants appreciate an employee that can speak fluently to their  traveler customers, especially a host or hostess.  Also, there is a growing demand abroad for native english speakers to work part-time and full-time as telemarketers.


3.)    Search the way you do back home.  Many American’s in major cities have become accustomed to looking for employment via the internet.  It is no different abroad.  Almost every international metropolis is now represented on Craigslist.  While there isn’t an abundance of jobs posted on the site for foreign cities, the ones listed are usually unique and offer an opportunity to experience a one of a kind job.  Often you can find short-term jobs as an assistant for professional American’s working abroad (e.g. photography assistants, cooking assistants). also allows you to search for jobs based on countries, but these are more professional oriented and therefore more restricted to visa laws.


4.)   Plan Far In Advance.  If you want to work in a more permanent fixture abroad, then take the steps to make that happen while still at home.  The easiest way to do this is to search for oversea branches your company may be associated with.  If you are looking for a job now in the States, with the idea of traveling abroad in a year’s time, research and find companies here that have offices in the city you would like to travel to and live in.  Then work for a year and request a transfer to that office.  Often times, companies have their own ‘internal trade’ programs where international offices swap employees.  Companies do this to deliver an international business education through experience in a foreign office.  This is becoming more and more prevalent as companies open offices in burgeoning markets around the globe. Take advantage of these companies and let your employer know how it would positively affect your performance down the road. 


5.)    Be Open and Friendly. There is no easier way to find work abroad then simply being an outgoing and friendly person.  The more you offer yourself to a place, the more it offers right back.  For example, here in the states it is easy to fall into a routine each morning and never really meet those we commute with to work.  Once you are abroad, take that time on the bus to meet the person seated next to you. It is vital to press forward and introduce yourself to the places you travel.  If you are friendly, courteous, and make an effort to engage people, it won’t be long until you have surrounded yourself with friends who can offer support in your job hunting and act as a set of contacts to help you navigate the city they know so well.  Never refuse opportunities and always make the effort to connect and more often than not, a job will find you.

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