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One of my happiest moments.Nicki driving at 60+mph, Christina & I decide to hang out of the window & take pics of each other...not the smartest idea- but definitely one of my happiest. I couldn't stop laughing!

I completely have my days mixed up as to when we visited this surft town...but it's okay. We flew in from Santiago, to Iquique. We stayed here for a couple of days and it definitely was one of the most memorable towns. We stayed in a hostel for a couple of days- i think it was called Don Luis or something. Anyways- super cheap hostel- i think it was about $6/night. Well, you get what you pay for, right?! We all had a private room, 2 bunk beds for 3 people. The size of the beds weren't an issue. Everything else was, but we lived with it. There were no mirrors anywhere in this hostel- not in the bathrooms, nowhere! That's sort of an issue for 3 girls. So we decided to use my camcorder's viewfinder to apply makeup, etc.

Me, Nicki, and Christina with our amigos Chilenos
Then- there were no toilet seats on any toilets, no tissue paper, no hot water- ever...we took showers out of, what looked like a man made shower, complete with a tube that extended out of the wall, with barely any water pressure to wash out all of the shampoo out of our hair. The showers and rooms also included, as a bonus, little bugs everywhere, which we soon decided to become friends with, since we realized they weren't going anywhere. Hey- what's good enough accommodations for the bugs, is good enough for us, I guess. It got to the point that we didn't even want to take showers because the water was sooo freaking cold, we couldn't even wash out all of the shampoo out of our hair, and we were sick of showering with little cucarachas!

We decide to visit the local surf shop in town, Vertical.

Jesus lives in Chile- Max decided to bring this huge umbrella with us.
Where we meet some very lovely Chilean boys. Ladies- if you're looking to meet some cute, slightly scruffy, Chilean surfer boys- this is the place to go! We met Max and Felipe- who took us to their local surf spots, showed us around town, took us to the local bars and discotecas, and were our make out buddies for the week also ;). We definitely got a feeling for how Chilean men court their women :). Nonetheless, fun times!

After meeting Max, he tells us about the house that he lives in- a residencia. The woman that he lives with also rents out rooms of her house to travellers at a decent price! Way better accommodations than the hostel. We had a nicely kept room, a nice bathroom to shower in, still no hot water, but a nice place to stay for a couple of days! The best part was the experience of living with a family for a couple of days- meeting their friends, eating with them, everything.


One of the nights, we all made dinner for everyone, drank wine, invited friends over. The guys played their guitars over candlelight, sang songs, and we all drank till we were happy and drunk. One thing I noticed that is a popular drink there is mixing red wine with coca cola, and mixing beer with fanta orange soda. Sounds odd, but is actually good! We drank some more and decided to go out and get more drunk with our boy-friends. They take us to a local bar, ( i was too drunk to remember what the name was), where they are singing 80s metal rock songs- Jon Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, Poison- on accoustic guitar. Hilarious! Funny because they were singing the songs in English, or at least it sounded like English...more like singing the songs in very broken English with a Chilean accent.


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One of my happiest moments.Nicki d…
One of my happiest moments.Nicki …
Me, Nicki, and Christina with our …
Me, Nicki, and Christina with our…
Jesus lives in Chile- Max decided …
Jesus lives in Chile- Max decided…
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