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Today started out a bit rough due to going out with the work group last night but I managed to do it and be there by 8am to set up my area.  Work hard, play hard.  I did that then came up to the room and slept till 10 when I had to go present. LOL I was a bit nervous but when I got into the room of about 150 people I said to myself, "self (I love talking like that) you can do this.  Just do what you do best and make these people enjoy it.  So when I walked into the room they introduced me and as I walked up I starting clapping which then got everyone else clapping for me.  They thought it was funny so I knew I'd be alright.  That it was, I nailed the presentation not only that time but the 2 others I had today.  I felt so good after each one and even better when people came up to me afterwards and said things like "your presentation was the most interesting and entertaining", "that was the most dynamic presentation today".  One lady even said it was my smile that made everything else so enjoyable.  Nice to know that the work I put into my presentations and my goal of wanting people to be happy and enjoy actually works.  The reason I KEEP SMILING.  You never know whose day you might brighten. 

Neat thing here is that in each room there is a box that has people in it and they actually translate what I am saying and talk into headphones that everyone in the audience is wearing.  Kinda cool that I am doing business in a foreign country like this. 

Lunch today was the usual adventure that consisted of pigs feet, pigs ear and cow tongue.  MMMM yeah whatever.  I stuck with the black beans and rice, those Cubans never let me down.  =)  It was mainly a business meeting here at the hotel with all of the partners and a buffet so that's always good.  Oh and the dessert was FANTASTIC, a flan and some egg/coconut thing. 

Worked hard most of the day but ventured out tonight for dinner.  I wasn't sure where I was going and stopped in a few places including an Italian place since I figured I couldn't go wrong there.  Well the only thing I recognized was Ravoli and Pizza.  So I kept walking and ended up at the same restaurant I went to my very first night.  Now that I have learned a few key words in Portuguse I greeted the host with Boa Noite, good evening, he was like yeah follow me I have an English menu for you LOL LOL.  I was like well hello where was the menu the first few hours I was in this crazy place? LOL.  Oh well.  I ended up with chicken, rice and creamed corn.  Not the greatest but at least I knew what I was ordering.  I did get another order of onion rings, love those.  =) 

Walked around a bit after trying to find something to buy and bring home but there aren't really any stores around.  The people on the street sell hats, jewerly, wheelbarrows full of piggy banks and wind up cars, horses that walk in a circle.  Oh and today I even saw a sweater ball remover.  LOL I can't believe they sell those on the streets here.  Oh wait yes I can LOL.

I have a early day tomorrow also so just came home and playing around on the computer.  Watching some Portuguese TV so who knows what it is but at least it's noise.  =)

So all in all a good day, mainly work, but always an adventure of some kind.  I am really looking forward to looking back on it all.

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Sao Paulo
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