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Well this certainly is going to be a wild adventure.  I left MIA today which of course is an adventure in and of itself.  Nobody was speaking English, not even the people at the ticket counter.  I was like HELLO I'm still in America right? LOL.  I didn't say that as I'm trying to be a more patient person but the thought sure was there.  Oh well, I went through security behind 2 guys that had a TON of little packages in their bags, I was praying I wasn't on their plane because the stuff looked like dynamite, scary.  I was in the new terminal so not much to check out as it wasn't all open yet.  So I just hung out and waited. 

Made it on the plane and flew to Panama.  They said a few things in English on the plane but I was definately getting the feeling of being lost.  Landed in Panama just about 3hrs later, got out there and switched planes.  Panama reminded me of Georgia for some odd weird reason. It was very green, some mountains and red dirt.  Who knows.  I was the only one on the plane that didn't have dark hair, well thanks in part to a little blonde shine but you know.  =)  

I slept most of the time but did watch a little bit of the movies (Fantastic 4: Silver Surfer and Pirates of Caribbean).  I decided to read a bit more of the book I bought in Feb, "The Tipping Point" and actually finished it !!!!  This is the very first book I have ever read cover to cover, I always used Cliffs Notes in school, I'm not a fan of reading but I really enjoyed this one.  Sure it took me 7mths to finish but who cares, I DID IT !! 

Got my luggage and through customs in Sao Paulo and headed out to get a taxi.  Kinda nice in that you prepay at a counter so no meter running in the cab.  It was 87 real (about 43 US dollars) just so you know how the money works here right now.  Ladies at the front desk of the hotel, Crowne Plaza, were very nice and helped me find a place to eat.  I walked about 3 blocks and found a place where the only words I knew on the menu were Salad and Onion Rings LOL.  I saw something that had a picture of a hamburger so I got that and onion rings.  =)  Yummy. 

Back at the hotel now and got the internet set up and a nice big heavy box for a power converter.  It's definately going to be interesting being in a foreign country for a week all alone where I don't speak the language but oh well, NEW ADVENTURES !!!

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Sao Paulo
photo by: joesu