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Well, I've been horribly slack at keeping up my entries, but what can I say?  Having two small children and no internet at home makes it a bit tough!  And I've been very busy!  The first few months back were rainy season, and I just concentrated on spending money- got new windows put in, tiled my floors, built a preschool under the house.  Then it was time to start making money.  I tried to get the baking started up again, but by order only, as there were too many rainy days to go out and peddle my wares in the street.  That didn't get going too well, and then I saw a girl that used to buy my baking all the time.  We worked out a commission, and she started doing my daily sales route, which worked out well- started that mid-Dec.  By the start of January, I had my preschool up and running- Mon to Friday, 8-12.  I had only one child signed up beforehand, so I was a bit worried about it, but 3 showed up the first day, and I had a full class (I take on 8, including my little guy) by the end of the second week.

An opportunity came out to do reservations and guest services at a resort up east.  I wasn't going to take it, but the owners are really nice, and I thought it would be a nice break from kids.  So I started that the same week that I started the preschool, part-time.  Tues and Thurs afternoon til night, and Sat all day.  Plus I was still doing the baking- it got a little crazy for a few weeks!  Then my salesgirl got too busy with other things, so the baking dropped off, and that was fine by me!

So now things have settled into a busy, but not chaotic pace.  Deo's started big-boy school, which is every day in the morning- he takes the bus there and back.  Auri's downstairs at school with me.  I've got a really nice group of kids, preschool is fun, other than a few crazy moments here and there :)  I took the whole group of them to the dolphins a few weeks ago, I had one of the moms come along to help out.    We have a little lesson time, working on letters, craft time, music time, and Spanish time.  The kids are a mix- a few catrachos (Hondurans), a few gringos, and a few mixed.

The resort job is good.  Sometimes a bit of a load, as they haven't found someone to fill in the other half of the job, though hopefully that's changing this week.  It's a nice place to work, and I get a meal cooked for me, which is a treat.  Plus Jessica, the girl who watches my boys while I'm gone, gets my house cleaned up and my dishes done, and that in itself is worth going to work!

My dad has been down for a visit for several weeks, so it's nice to have an extra pair of hand around.  He's also doing some odd jobs around the house- putting up shelves, making a couple screen doors, etc.

So that's the update on my world!  I'm going to end this here, so that I actually finish it up, as I started an entry a month ago, and never ended up posting.

IceTea says:
Hi Mel,
I really enjoyed reading this blog. Your world sounds so very exciting to me. This is just awesome. :)
If u ever have some time to post pics I'd luv to see them. Have a good time with ur kids and hopefully everythings all fine over there!
Posted on: Apr 07, 2008
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