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Our departure date is now just around the corner!  Everything has come together so well.  Found a buyer for our house up here, we can leave before the weather gets too cold.  Selling off all our stuff (the dressers went today, so now the boys' clothes are in the toy organizers), still lots to do in the next couple weeks!

I finished up work on Friday, the boys will still be in daycare this week, so that I can have some time to get the house cleared out and things packed.  We'll just be taking down a few bags (less loaded than last time, as we're flying down, and I have no helper along this time, just the boys and I). 

Deo and Auri are as excited as I am, they keep asking when we're going to go on the plane, and when we're going to see Goosie (our dog that we left in the care of our tenant in Roatan).

   Parting with toys hasn't been an issue, we've talked about how we can just take a few toys, and if we sell things, we'll have money to buy new things in Honduras. 

Not sure yet what I'll do workwise, but I know God always provides for us.  It's amazing when I look back over the last year and see all that he's done in our lives: from the renters that we had for our house in Canada last winter, to finding a buyer for the house in perfect timing.

We had a halloween party last night: a bit early, but as next weekend is thankgiving, and we leave the weekend after, it was our last opportunity.  We'll have another one in Roatan, but it's been a yearly tradition up here, and it was nice to see all of our friends again: might not see some of them again before we go.

We already have a few visitors lined up: mom and dad, Aunt Emmy and Ben are all going on a cruise, so they'll be in Roatan for one day in November.  And Tammy's coming back down for a visit, she'll be there over New Year's. 

The house is a mess, and it's time to tuck myself into bed (still have that, hopefully it'll sell soon!).  Bedside table's gone, but still have my bedside lamp.

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photo by: signedcutie