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I finally got around to updating my travel blog with these entries, and I realized I left a ton of important stuff out. One thing was the awesome Senor Tango show we saw a few weeks ago. Absolutely amazing. The dancers were incredible, the music was very beautiful with the accordian, and the atmosphere was excellent and very romantic too. The next night, we were invited to an asado (barbeque) at the owner of the residencia's house. He invited us and the UGA people and a few others. It was pretty much ridiculous. We had amazing steak burgers with every topping you can imagine, he had about 5 kegs, endless wine, and to top the night off, a dance party with lights and a dj. Not to mention an ice cream "log" for dessert. Quite possibly the coolest party ever. I also haven't mentioned when we went to see the Argentina national team play the top 20-and-under team in River's stadium. It was a little unorganized coordinating everything with the television and they kept playing the same awful "Vamos Argentina" song over and over, but it was a good experience. This past weekend (a little more up to date) I went with 8 other people to Mendoza, a little city in the Andes Mountains. We did some wine tours and I decided to trek up a mountain, not realized that I would literally be climbing a mountain for 5 hours. A bit intense for my New Balances, but I made it out alive and amazingly not sore the next day. What an adventure. We met some great people from South Africa, England, and Holland. Had some great times getting drunk off Mendoza's cheap wine. I had some great conversations with Michael, so since I know we're ok and he's ok, I'm missing him a little less. Fun story for the bus ride back- the man sitting next to me pulls out a coke bottle and lifts it up to me and tells me to smell it. I tell him "no thank you, I don't like coke." He says "no es coca, no es coca" with a gleam in his eye. I thought he was trying to tell me that they say "coca" instead of coca cola or something, but then he says "es vino! Es wine!" This old man is flasking wine on the bus! It was cute. He told me that he drinks wine at every lunch and dinner. They have a lot of wine in Mendoza... good trip and good times. Next weekend we're going to Colonia. I'm starting a food diary because I'm trying to see why I'm getting fat. I know I don't exercise very much, but I shouldn't be gaining this much. I'm going to see what's going on with my diet. I think it's all the cheese they eat here. I bought some running pants and sports bras today. I'm going to get the shoes tomorrow. Then I can finally start running again. I really can't wait. I miss running and being healthy! Soon I'll be back in shape. I can't take this fatness any more!
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