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So today wasn't that great of a day. First of all, the weather still sucks. It was rainy and dreary in BA and here in Colonia all day. We ferry here and arrive at the hotel. Pretty cool place. I'm starving so we go to a cute little cafe where there's an adorable kitty running around. He say in me, Jessica, and Brice's laps. I ordered some "queso y dulce." Very good little dessert that they don't have in BA. Extremely expensive, however. We got jipped a little. Ok, a lot. Anyway, then we had lunch at the hotel and that was very good. We took a tour which was horrible. I'm so disappointed with this place. It's really rundown and not kept up well at all for being so historic. They really need to invest some money here. After the tour, we shopped for white elephany exchange gifts. Then I took a long nap before dinner. Dinner was pizza at this amazing restaurant. We loved it so we're going back tomorrow. Cheap too! Then we went to a bar with a great band. Then we went to a weird club. People freaking making out everywhere! That's so gross though. I would feel so wrong doing that in public. It's just rude and puts other people in awkward positions. We don't want to look at you or watch you, yet we can't help it because you're right in our face! Ahh!
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6 weeks until home! That's so much shorter than 10. I can't believe I've been here almost 1 month. I think I'm going to miss BA when I leave. It's not that bad of a city and I've learned a lot. Brazil is going to be fun. I think we're all ready for a little change of scenery. This morning, I was going to get up for breakfast at 9 am, but I fell back asleep until 10:15! It was supposed to end at 10, but apparently they left some food out till about 11. I fell back asleep and Vickie came in and woke Shannon and I up at 11:30. We got dressed and went to a little cafe with Nicole, Sohmer, Jessica, Brice, and Lynn. They didn't sell any breakfast pastries, so we went a few stores down and bought some good stuff. We also had liquados which were very good. I went back to the bakery to buy more pastries since I got about 12 pastries for under $US 1. They are so good! What am I going to do when I get back to the US?? It just isn't the same there. That's definitely one thing I'm going to miss about South America in general because I'm sure Brazil has great pastries too (or at least I hope so!). After "breakfast", Brice, Vickie, Shannon, and Nicole all rented bikes and are riding around the city right now. I think I'm going to run on the treadmill and then shower. Yea for exercise! I'll continue writing in here later today about what I've done. I miss my Bradley (mac)!