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First day down, lots more to go! First of all, I have spoken so much Spanish, it´s crazy! It won´t be hard at all to work on my speaking since only a few people here even know English. Everyone says I´m doing a great job, so that´s encouraging. Shannon (Joiner) and I live with two other Argentine girls: Cortelina and Naike. Naike is 15 and she´s a ballerina. Cortelina is 19 and is taking classes at the University. Our ¨mother¨ person is Lucia. Let me start from the beginning: me, Shannon, and Brent all arrive on the same plane in Argentina. We finally pay for our ride to our room and get picked up by a sketchy car driver. We arrive safely to 2387 Borges. We are assigned rooms so we all unpack. Then we explore the city, walking down many streets. We realize we need to find a bank to exchange our money, but we can´t find one. It´s lunchtime so we stop by a little deli and buy croissant sandwiches. It was a little crazy paying with dollars and figuring out conversions, but it worked out. We went back to the residencia to eat. The residencia is a very interesting building. It has many rooms all down different little corridors. There are 3 stories and the top floor is where you eat and use the computers. The rooms open up to a courtyard, so most of the building is not covered. Very interesting. There are plants everywhere, too. After we eat, we meet Jen and her friend, strudents from elsewhere in the US. Jen is majoring in Spanish at the University of Rochester in NY. We find out we will be moving residencias because we were assigned elsewhere. Shannon and I pack up our suitcases and are led to a car with an old man who drives us to our new residencia on Paraguay. It is nicer than the one before and I like our room better. Plus, the lady is much sweeter. We unpack and take a nap after the exhausting morning. We wake up and read some more of our books. Then we meet Dillon and Derek. I can´t get my computer to connect to the internet properly, so that´s upsetting. We eat dinner and meet Eric from Georgetown, Rodrigo, Aime, Sholanda, and Julia. Some things I´ve noticed here: it reminds me of parts of NYC, everyone smokes, all the girls have long hair with short layers, the driving is crazy. Also, I must be allergic to something because I´ve been sneezing and my nose is stuffy. The people also seem a bit self-absorbed. They don´t really care what´s comfortable or easier for you. Example: not scooting up chairs to let you pass at dinner, turning on the tv without asking, unwelcoming stores on the street. Very interesting. Hearing all this Spanish makes me miss Michael so much. I really wanted to write him an email before I went to bed, but all the computers were taken and no one budged for 20 minutes. Not worth the wait when it´s already 11:30pm. We have our first class tomorrow. I can´t believe I won´t be going home for 10 more weeks. This is so unreal. Everyone says Ciao.

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