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Today was good and a little bad, but that was my fault. First, let´s start out with last night and yesterday. What an adventure! It´s amazing how much stuff we get done in one day. So yesterday we went to the downtown area called the Plaza de Mayo. We thought there would be a market going on, but we couldn´t find it. Getting there, we ventured on the Subte for the first time. Since we couldn´t find the market at the Plaza de Mayo, we went to one a few blocks away by taking the 17 bus. They had tons of little vendors selling all kinds of tourist goodies. I bought 3 necklaces. We hopped on the 67 bus to come back, but we ended up going way to far, so we had to take the Subte back to our dorm. Lots of transportation that day. We went to the Disco supermarket to buy some stuff. Then we went to a little marketplace to buy a ¨sacacorcho¨aka. wine opener. We opened our cheap wines and drank some. Before that, we went out to dinner with Johni. It was quite a disaster. My dinner or raviolies with spinach and onions stuffed in it was gross. Johni ended up needing to leave before the food came so we tried to tell the waiter to cancel his order. Of course, the waiter brings it out anyway so we end up eating it and paying for it too. The waiter was trying to describe something to us so we let him borrow the English-Spanish dictionary. He literally has it for almost 5 minutes trying to look up this one word. So that was a disaster. After Shannon and I opened our wine, we went to Borges to meet up with the others who wanted to go out. We all decide to go to the Finnish party nearby. I meet David and his roommate. Sohmer, Nicole, Ryan, Brice, Phil, Shannon and I also go. Almost all of us show up later so it was a fun night. I drank chocolate liquor and that was enough for me. David is from the Dominican Republic. The Finnish people were really interesting. All very pretty with blond hair. Incest... So on to today. We went to the Boca game with the whole crowd. Awesome game except for the fact that we got there at about 1:45 and the game started at 4:30. Lots of sitting around! I thought it would be a burden to bring my jacket, so I only wore a short sleeve shirt. The sun went down over the stands pretty quick, so I was frozen from about 3-8:30. It was horrible. I was also pretty hungry since we didn´t get back until almost 9 and we ate lunch at 12:30! It was quite an experience being at the game. I´ve never seen or heard anything like it. The pictures and movie say it all. Gosh it made me miss Michael so bad though. So the rest of the night was spent eating a really amazing meal (great pizza, bowl of tomatoes, and milk) at my new favorite restauant. Then I finally got my internet to work at this amazing little cafe about 3 blocks away. I was in heaven. Plus, it´s free there since it´s an open line! I´m going to go there early tomorrow morning to get some reading done for our first class tomorrow. I hope it goes well!

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I´m too drunk. I´ll write in here in the am.