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I haven’t written since I’ve been in Brazil so this will be a long entry. So we got here on Saturday afternoon. We had a really great flight. They served a great healthy meal. Hannah and I went to a Mexican restaurant that night. It was good, just different from home. I miss the chips from home! Then Sunday we were gone all day on a tour all around the island. It’s very very beautiful here! There is the beach and mountains. Perfect. Then that night I think Hannah and I just stayed in and ate some of the food we had bought that day. It was nice to just chill and chat with her. Then Monday we had Portuguese class in the morning. I’m in the higher class, though all the classes learn pretty much the same stuff. The language is very difficult for me. I think languages are just difficult for me in general. I finally feel good about Spanish and then we leave it! I miss it. After those classes, Hannah and I went back to the room to eat lunch. We have a little kitchen so we can actually make food. It’s very nice and a great change. I feel much healthier since I actually can control what I’m eating. We went to the University of Santa Catarina after lunch, to the School of Economics. They were very nice and welcoming to us. They don’t get tons of international students, so I’m sure they want to make a good impression. The lecture by one of the university professors was very dry and boring. It was a huge powerpoint presentation full of graphs and maps. They did feed us some excellent snacks, though. That night, Gigi, me, and Ryan went to the internet café. I wrote Michael and my mom emails. They had the best hot chocolate and the girl spoke English! I like that place. Then we went to a little bar that had live music. I had champagne with strawberry. That was good. We had great conversations. I love Gigi! Today, Tuesday, we had Portuguese class in the morning. Then I made pasta/soup for lunch with peas and corn and alphabet soup. Very good! Then we went back to the University for our culture lecture. Absolutely terrible. The lady basically pulled out a picture book about Brazil and told us about the big tourist spots in each area. Pathetic. I wrote my individual blog for this week. Basically, we’re giving advice about Buenos Aires to next year’s group. That’s going to be a long blog! We also have group blogs that are the same group. After class, we watched the Brazil game. They didn’t look so hot. They only beat Croatia 1-0. Sucky. I was super tired so I went back and tried to sleep without much luck. Then Hannah pulled me out to dinner at a sushi restaurant with a bunch of people. Not so great. I didn’t bring any money because I didn’t want to spend any. So I just sat there while everyone else had delicious sushi.
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