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This week has been really busy! Let's start where I last left off on Monday. I arrived in BA that morning at about 10. I had a horrible time waiting for a taxi at the bus terminal for about 45 minutes. I finally got back to the dorm at about 11. Then I ate lunch and went shopping for my running shoes and clothes. I got my pants, but the store didn't have my shoes so they told me to come back the next day. Then, I went downtown to get my Visa from the Brazilian consulate. After everything, I headed back home after a fairly successful day in the city traveling by myself (first time). I was pretty tired that night, so I didn't go out. Tuesday we had class with Bowman. Afterwards I went to get my shoes and they didn't have them! I was so mad! They told me to come back the next day. I went home and I don't really remember what we did. Probably nothing. Then Wednesday we met at the Colon Theater and did a tour. That place was amazing! It's like an opera house and in the basement, there are rehearsal rooms for the dancers, singers, and musicians. There are also rooms for making wigs, jewelry, costumes, shoes, and the back drops and stage props. It was incredible! Then the stage and theater area was also just incredible. I wish we had stuf like that in Atlanta. It was magnificent. Then I had a horrible lunch with Dillon and Johni. They are so different from me and have completely different views on life. They were very confused about how I had "found the one" and they didn't understand how I knew since I had never really had my heart broken. Just a bunch of crap. Anyway, after lunch we had class. Then a group of us went to Puma and I went to pick up my shoes. Thank goodness they had them or I was going to be so mad. I also bought another pair of long running pants since it's so cold here. That night, we went to tango lessons. That was fun. Vickie got horribly drunk because she had taken some codine. But the dancing was really cool and I got to dance with some interesting Argentines. When everyone started drinking later in the night, things started getting a little out of control. We drank some wine that had come from one of the wineries we visited in Mendoza, Lopez. We all had interesting conversations with Bowman about political stuff and his life. He used to be an underwater photographer. He also told us about what he does when he goes to Fiji twice a year. They find cures for cancer and help villages become developed. This creepy guy started hitting on me. He spoke a little bit of English, but he mainly just said, "You are so beautiful" over and over. Ew how disgusting! What a creep. Anyhow, I escaped him and we left. I was decently drunk and extremely talkative that night. Everyone stayed out at the bars but I went back with a few people because it was already 2 am. The next day, Thursday, I went running and had a nice relaxing morning. I got a sweet email from Michael that upped my spirits. I went running in the rose garden, which is absolutely spectacular. I was taken away by the beauty since it's right in downtown. The roses smell amazing and the place is kept up so well. There is a little lake as well. We had "class on wheels" from 3-8 and we went around to a soccer club and a club for little kids called Parque. Good day, except my stomach had been hurting. I think it was some gellato I had eaten that night (last night). We went to an awesome Flamenco show. It also included a wonderful tapas style dinner. I had eaten beforehand, so after the tapas I was stuffed beyond belief. But the show and dinner were incredible. Flamenco involved a lot of stomping and swaying of the arms and hands. Very beautiful and passionate dance. The music was very passionate, too. Very arabic because of it's origins. We got home really late, so I slept in a little this morning. We didn't have class, but Kirk wanted us to meet at the Colon Theater at 10 to buy opera tickets for next week. Did that, came back and ate lunch, did blogs. We were going to go shopping, but it was rainy so we changed our minds. I took a long long nap and woke up for dinner. Ate dinner and spoke with some Argentines. Pretty much chilled the rest of the night. I got to talk to my baby. Oh I miss him. Anyway, this weekend we're going to Colonia in Uruguay. It's supposed to be very beautiful and old style. Should be nice. It's a really short trip though. Then one more week here and I'm off to Brazil! Little scared about the Portuguese thing, but we'll make it work.
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