vanessa i have to strangle you, youre late! arrrgh!

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what's that smoking? :D wow it's like christmas :P kim said :P

arriving in copenhagen at 10 am, i have to say that was a very hard train ride, i got the tickets for a low price but it was a hell of a trip, for 68 euros roundtrip, it feels like i bought drugs on that money and never slept for the entire night! hahaha. im really debating if i come back again whether to take a plane, short ride but with no excitement, or again another train, slow, uncormfortable, noisy but with magnificent views? hmm tough choice for me.

i texted vanessa that i was now in copenhagen and just wating for the train to fully stop itself before letting the passengers out.

out of the train, i was confused, the central station of copnehagen WAS NOT THAT BIG but as usual, toxic moments, i got lost! hahaha, i dont know what to do to be honest, because i dont have any danish kroner, so i went to one of the atms, and withdraw 20 kroner.

vanessa and kim ^_^ my great hosts in copenhagen.
i dont know if thats enough. hahaha.

now i dont know where to go, because vanessa said she WILL take care of everything. so i didnt researched about copenhagen. i think i texted her 5:1, and she replied only once! arrghh and she said she's on the way blah blah blah.

i wanted to smoke! since i havent smoked for god damn 13 hours, i went to one exit, i dont know if its the main exit, but when i got out, lots of junkies are there! hahaha i was fuckin scared! they all looked at me and i looked away and lighted my cigarette. one was asking me for a stick, but i dont have sticks, i only have the roll ons. looking around, copenhagen is very strange, i dont know, maybe it was beccause iwas so tired, snappy and not really in a good mood that morning. so im not seeing the beauty of it i suppose.

:P heheheh

i texted vanessa again, and she said she's on her way,. it was cold outside, so i went back inside the central station and try to go to the other direction. 

the other direction IS the main entrance of the central station, and across was the "famous" tivoli gardens, but it was closed in this season. looking around, i see copenhagen as a "gray" city. the cold made copenhagen much more colder. it was a city in my opinion of mismatched architectures.

then finally my phone rang, it was vanessa, that bloody woman was late! hahaha she said she was inside waiting for me. what i didnt even saw her walking in.

when i went to the point where she was standing i still didnt even saw her, then suddenly someone screamed my name so loud "LAURO" hahahah it was her! but first i strangled her aaarrgghhh first before giving the european 2x kiss on the cheeks.

vannie and kimmie :D
it was AMAZING! i havent seen vanessa for SEVENTEEN YEARS! we classmates way back in elementary. she moved to copenhagen for her work and we got in contact with a friend finder 3 years ago and i decided to pay her a visit.

it was amazing to meet again someone youve known in childhood and both finding youre adults again.

but before that, i asked vanessa how much money should i need? so i have about 100 euros, then we went to a money changer that i didnt saw, funny here in scandinavia, i have to pull a number then tey call you if your next, changed 50 euros,

then we went to the ticket office, because the next day i will go to malmö, sweden, i forgot what the price was in danish kroner but it was only about 7 euros, now i am all set.

it was a gray day, me and vanessa decided to walk to her flat, she lives in holbergsgade, in the nyhavn, the most expensive and glamorous address in copenhagen, i raised an eyebrow on that one. hahaha.

we got out of the central station towards tivoli gardens then to the city hall, which was a nice building then a plaza with lots of pigeons, then finally to copenhagens shopping district - strøget, which was that day was so crowded that its immpossible to move and lots of constructions in the area. i got tired from carrying my heavy backpack and we decided to have breakfast in one of the outdoor cafes and have sandwhich and tea.

we catched up on each other, between those 17 years missing between us, to be honest we were not close to each other when we were schoolmates! hahaha.

after the breakfast, we walked further and further, until strøget came to an end, and WHAT A WALK IT WAS! it was like  2-3 kilometers! aaarghhhhh at the other side was the opera, we have to cross it and finally holbergsgade and nyhavn! fucking amazing, and vanessa's flat was fucking amazing! and old house! with lots of electric locks and LOCKS. but the flat was gorgeous! high ceiling, wooden floors, lots of doors and in the window is a view of the nyhavn!

her flat was full of noodles from the philippines and chips, so i devoured her cheetos while waiting for her boyfriend kim, because kim would like to meet me too and they are sort of living together. my body really needed some slack but i dont want to be rude to my host. 

as kim arrived, we liked each other instantly as were both alternatives, he asked me if i smoke and i said yes, he pulled out some tuff, rolled and we shared, vanessa made us some things to eat while we convered, it was a mess in vanessa's coffetable as were all junkies! hahaha. i had to laugh so hard when kim said "it looked like christmas"! hahahaha

vanessa made some noodles for us to eat, she said be my guest and eat what i want to eat so i ate some of her yummy philippine noodles!

then at night, vanessa planned for us to meet her friends in a bar. i just cant say no. so at night, we went to a bar to meet her friends, her filipino officemates. it was a bit sticky because inside the bars in copenhagen, you cant smoke, so my eyes were really falling apart, before 12 am, we all decided to leave, coz tomorrow at 9 am, i have to catch my train to malmö, sweden.

lauro says:
meeting my classmate vanessa after 17 years is magic, as i dont have any communication with my former classmates before!
Posted on: Feb 13, 2009
azsalsa says:
How lucky for you to have such nice friends and fabulous diggs!
Posted on: Feb 13, 2009
SoloSister says:
Good way to start a journey ;)
Posted on: Oct 28, 2007
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whats that smoking? :D wow its l…
what's that smoking? :D wow it's …
vanessa and kim ^_^ my great hosts…
vanessa and kim ^_^ my great host…
:P heheheh
:P heheheh
vannie and kimmie :D
vannie and kimmie :D
photo by: the_bill