there’s a mark you leave, like a love heart, carved on a tree.

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there's a mark you leave, like a love heart carved on a tree.
after an hour or so in ale stenar, it was time to head back to the car as mikael was chilling. he was so nice, to leave me all alone, while i was taking so many pictures of the stones and him (from a distant).

we didnt took the same route going back, instead we went down from cliffs to the harbor, the blast of strong winds hit my face, it was cold. mikael and me discussed if ever he was going to live here and he said no, its too cold and desolate in winter, but i told him, if i was given a chance, i would definitely live here in kåseberga, the place really touched me, specially ale stenar.

back in the car, we got hungry and ate the last bread. mikael started to drive back towards malmö and inside me, i said goodbye to ale stenar. i feel, i would never go back to this place again.

we didn't used the road in the coast, mikael drove the car in the highway, it was two perspectives for me, because in the beginning we drove through the coast which was so adventurous but now, the drive was quiet in the smooth and fast road.

it gave me time to contemplate on so so so so so many things in life specially in travelling. in the begining, i thought travelling was.. just for fun, discovering and experiencing new things, taking pictures, some informations then thats it. but now, it gave a different meaning, because, i think the heavens wanted me to see this, there were no absolutely no people around ale stenar, it was almost devoid of life, that i had all the stones to myself, the sky was also amazing, the strong and icy winds, it brought me to another dimension.

mikael is the most polite person in the face of the earth, as he didnt even interrupted me in my deep thoughts, he just continued driving into the farmlands of skåne län. rolling hills, green grass, mid-autumn setting, fiery leaves - it seems it just came out of an impressionist's painting. i fell in love with sweden, it was love at first sight.

i was conjured by everything, i didnt know that were back in malmö. mikael parked the car in front of his house. then we walked, the light was fading already, and suddenly i realized, i am getting weak as i didnt had eaten much and i couldnt stand not eating rice for 2 days or anything asian noodles.

so mikael led me to an asian - thai, but i know i couldnt eat it, as i dont eat thai. but i dont want to be rude to mikael, there's always a first time, so why not? when we brought it back to house, the first bite was - was no. hahahahaha, i couldnt eat it. mikael looked worried, but i didnt reacted, i just asked him to accompany me to get withdraw money, so we went out of the house and walked went into some kind of shopping mall, then i saw mcdonalds - again and asked mikael to come with me. hahahaha. when i went inside mcdonalds, my god! the people are all as twice as taller than me! hahahahaha swedes are tall! theyre like posts! but elegant.

so i got 2 chicken burgers and 2 apple pies, went back to mikael's house. then i remembered i had dvds with me, and we decided to watch dvds. the problem was i have so many collection of artfilms in different languages, but with only german as sub titles. so mikael cant understand it. so we decided to watch "the perfume" at least its in english, hahaha.

i finished the junkfood while watching the movie, then mikael was also tired. we said good night to each other and tomorrow, i would go back to copenhagen but first mikael and me would tour malmö in the morning till afternoon.

as i tossed and turned, i couldnt sleep, i looked again at the pictures i made, and of ale stenar. it was so beautiful beyond words. i just could feel that i was still there. i was in a place where time stood still, in which the ancient rituals took place, of which time is measured by sunrises and sunset, an echo from the dead world.

like what i said, i know i wuld never visit this place soon, for sure i will be back again, but for another 10 years, i dont want to tarnish the beautigul memories it brought to me.

it left me a mark on me, like a love heart carved on a tree.
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theres a mark you leave, like a l…
there's a mark you leave, like a …
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