a taste of denmark's landscape and an introduction to massive suspension bridges.

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as i passed the landscape of denmark which both sleepiness and awe were contrasting and listening from my mp3 which is full of new age music, i really wanted to doze, but then, something far in the horizon catched my attention, something blue, you know, i grew up in the philippines where we are islands and i just lived a few hundred meters to the sea, even inside the train, i can smell the salt and hear the waves of the pounding sea, which i wasnt wonrg, for i can see now the great baltic sea!

at this point of my life in europe, i had been to the north sea, the mediterenean sea and the aegean sea - now i am going to see the great baltic for which in winter is the hardest navigatable sea in the world for it is completely frozen, aaaarrrghhhhh so much for dozing off! as i always get excited!

then my pondering was answered as i saw in the distance tha most massive bridge i had ever seen in my entire life! ok, i researched about the transportation system between copenhagen and malmö, i will have to cross the longest underground-rail-bridge in europe between these two cities, but at this point i am not expecting that before even getting OR arriving to copenhagen i have to cross the storebælt, after the öresund bridge, the longest rail bridge in europe and the third longest suspension bridge in the world.

but one thing hit me, so its the open sea, how are we going to cross it over? ok, i am a little bit dumb on geography this time, because i dont know much about denmark, and i thought the islands are closer to one another but it is not, the storebælt (the great fixed belt) connects the island of funnen in the city of nyborg to the island of sjaelland to the town of korsør, the total length og the bridge was 6,790 metres (22,277 ft), bloody thats a long one! as denmark is almost flat, the bridge is awesome as it stands out from the sea and all over the landscape.

the one thing i really wanted to do was to destroy and tear open the window for me! the sea was so blue and lots of gulls were flying over to what it seems a neverending horizon.
i want to have the wind in my face as we pass over by the bridge, but reality bites, its not allowed or i would have to pay 500 euros for destroying federal property and be in jailed. hahahaa.

crossing the bridge, it was massive, the train is crossing the bridge in the middle of the lane and the train of course is a bit elevated than the cars so i have a good view of the sea, is no words how i can describe it.

i looked so third world gawking and gasping at every discoveries i made in denmark, everything and i mean everything is new for me, a small nation but with amazing and impressive engineering ability.


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photo by: tj1777