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denmark on the bottom right with the artifical island peberholm and malmö, sweden on the upper left and in between the öresund bridge!(grabbed from internet)
when we got back to house at around 12:30 - 1:00 am. vanessa and kim still didnt slept. they were watching tv, the problem was, i would sleep on the couch which was in the living room which the tv was located. so i put on my earplugs. and looked the other way, then something caught me, i was only half sleeping then, kim suddenly stood up and got a blanket and wrapped it on me. kim was so nice, i was touched, and so was vanessa, after an hour they went to bed, but i still cant sleep. i think i am so excited going to sweden in the morning that my heart was beating fast.

the reason why, is that beforehand, i found out that i can cross denmark to sweden by driving through the longest rail tunnel bridge in europe, the öresund bridge, connecting the cities of copenhagen in denmark and malmö, in sweden and i researched about this area of sweden, called skåne län.
öresund bridge at sunset, AMAZING. (grabbed from internet)
although it is sweden's most populous region it is still a mystery.

for in the edge of this land stands ale stenar, the stones of ale, it is debateable whether the stones are used as sundial to distinguish summer from winter solstices or a burial ground of the viking king ale. fuck, what an exploration! but the fun doenst stop there, as i am going to meet a real viking himself, mikael who would take me to the stones and once and for all explain to me the mystery behind it as micki (as i call him) is a professor of history.

so who couldnt sleep with all these fantastic discoveries within my grasp?! NOT ME.

my train to malmö would leave at 9:30 - 10 am. i slept only for 2 hours i think and when i stood up around 7 am, and looked at the mirror, i looked dragged! arrrrghhhh.

then i raided vanessa's cupboard for noodles, cooked it and i ate it. vanessa got up too coz she'll be working, i told her that i would stay in sweden for 2 days. that i would be back on monday evening.

so everything was settled, i got a duplicate key from vanessa, put my big backpack behind the tv, and took out my daypack and put clothes and stuff for 2 days, kissed vanessa and i went down.

i decided to walk from holbergsgade to strøget, as the subway or transportation fees in denmark are very expensive, so why not walk it? i already memorised the streets on which to turn and it wasnt hard.

i was puffing as i arrived at the central station, because its long walk! but the sun was shining so beautifully, so at least it made up for my dreariness.

i checked the ticket on which platform will i have to wait for the train, good thing that i know german that the danish word for track is spor and german is spur, so it doenst make a difference, at least.

when i was at my track, suddenly an annoucement came - IN DANISH, the only thing i understand is that the spor will change, then all of the passengers except me hurried to another platform, then i decided to change too, since i looked dragged and toxic, i shouted at the front of the woman conductor if this is the right train going to malmö, she was shocked and shouted back at me and said yes, i apologized after.

inside the train i was so listless! i want to it to move immediately! hahahah, before the train departed, the woman conducter whom i shouted at checked the tickets, i really apologized to her and she said to me with a smile to have a nice journey to sweden, you bet i had!

the first top of the train was at amager, where the international airport of copenhagen is located, nothing much to see from the train because were mostly underground and tunnels.

after that, were slowly starting to ascend, slowly then slowly, the majestic view of the baltic sea opened up. if i was left speechless seeing storebælt bridge in nyborg, my voice was gone here seeing the öresund bridge. it was the most fucking fantastic view from a bridge that i had never seen in my entire life! FUCK IT!

the only thing to describe it, was ride it!

it took almost 30 minutes to cross the bridge as at the ascend point to skåne län, sweden the bridge is damn almost 8 kms long! it isnt directly connected to denmark due to protecting natural parks and nature reserves so they built small island and from there a tunnel underneath that traffic ascends.

the bridge winds its way to the south suburbs of malmö, before entering the city, as the train sorted its way into sweden, i felt goosebumps all over me.  there is something in sweden. i know that its going to change my life forever and it will be beautiful.

after that exhilirating ride, i was now in malmö. i texted micki that i am there and he said he's waiting for me in the platform, when we saw each other, oh my god! he was twice as tall as i am! a real viking! hahahaha it was funny when we hugged each other as he has to bend over to reach me!

he borrowed a friend's car for our roadtrip to the coast of skåne län and into the town of kåseberga, where the viking ruins are located. but the car was in his neighborhood, so we took a bus going there, he was talking to me but i am not paying attention as i was looking out from the window and being curious how malmö, or sweden looked like! he just laughed.

at his neighborhood, we went first into his house, chatted about the swedish language which i am fascinated and tried to read swedish and translate it. hahaha, it was the perfect way to break the ice between us, he made us sandwich and orange juice and he also packed some sandwhiches and bread and water for us to use in the roadtrip, i excused myself because i said i didnt had enough sleep that i looked so dragged that day, but micki couldnt care less, as he was excited too, to show and tell me about his country and the history of ale's stenar.

at about 11:30 am, we set off in a little opel car that micki borrowed from his friend, he couldnt even fit to it as he was huge! he gave me the map and said that i navigate, but first we got to get out of malmö!

i was so excited!
lauro says:
haha no, this part of scandinavia still doenst have bitter winter, it rains a lot and strong winds from the baltic sea!
Posted on: Feb 11, 2009
Lilliana77 says:
Hahahahaha I froze myself in Amsterdam, I bet I would be an ice cube in scandinavia! hahahaha :P
maybe a happy ice cube! hahaa :D
Posted on: Feb 11, 2009
lauro says:
im talking about dragging your butt in winter to scandinavia! hahahaha

october is the best!!!!! BEAUTIFUL SUNSET! the sun stays so low giving a magnificent view of scandinavia!

you will love sweden lily!
Posted on: Feb 11, 2009
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denmark on the bottom right with t…
denmark on the bottom right with …
öresund bridge at sunset, AMAZING…
öresund bridge at sunset, AMAZIN…
photo by: the_bill