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i can never contain my excitement. I AM GOING TO SCANDINAVIA. i was listless in the central station in düsseldorf. the night train would leave at 10:30 pm, i worked that day and i hadn't eaten anything! my stomach was full of butterflies and nervousness. so i decided to grab a bite and buy something to eat for my breakfast. since i am trying to save money, because scandinavia is so expensive, i went to mcdonalds and try to buy something and fit everything in 5 euros.  i bought 2 burgers - 1 euro each and 2 apple pies - plus 1 bottled water in the supermarket ^_^ so that makes 5 euros! congratulations lauro you are good in math! and the thing was i failed ALL MY MATH SUBJECTS in highschool and college. hahahaha.

my backpack was heavier than usual because its already autumn and chilly, i have thick clothes with me and brought along my portable dvd player and 1 case of dvds.

it's my first time to ride a long journey train, so i dont know the ins and outs of it, but the ticket said ints gonna be in car 1, so when the train came, i went to car 1 and looked for my reserved seat. i was surprised because I THOUGHT the train was also like the ICE trains in germany but its not. its a bit old, it was exactly alike the train from vienna to bratislava i took last spring. AND I KNOW ITS SOOOOO SLOW.

when i found my seat reservation, someone was there already AND SHE WAS SLEEPING. i took a look at my ticket and the seat, the number was correct. she was the only one in the small cabin for 6 people. so what to do? well i gently tapped her, but she wouldnt budge hahaha. so i tapped and spoked to her in german, then she woked up looking annoyed, i just pointed my ticket and the seat number to her and she understood, she was murmuring when she got up, well i have the window seat.

before the train in düsseldorf took off, ticket inspectors checked the tickets then we took off, really right on schedule, i got hungry at last and ate, the burgers are not enough for me so i ate one apple pie and reserve the other one for breakfast the next day. now it was so uncomfortable, the cabin was so narrow and i couldnt put my things on top because i pick things here and there from my backpack everytime, so what i did, i put it the ground and put my feet above them, good solution. but then as we passed other cities, the train got fuller and fuller. our cabin holds 6 people, so 2 of us were already seated then came other people, there was a moment of confusion because one person had a reservation with the seat the woman earlier who was sitting on my reserved seat. now we have 7 people inside the cabin, and woman turned out that she has a ticket but no reservation, i felt a pang of pity for her, as the train WAS full and she has to stand outside in the long night.

now comes the sticky part as we were travelling from the west of germany to the north, we were 6 people stuck inside the small cabin, our legs are bumping to each other AND I WAS SMALL ALREADY and it was uncomfortable  - thats 68 euros for you. i dont know what my position to sleep, but being in the window seat was more luckier because i can rest withouth touching anyone on the right side but sticky if i had to go to the toilet while the people were sleeping.

anyway, i put out my dvd player, it was about 12 am, and we are now in bielefeld, the last city in nordrhein westfalen state of germany before going up to niedersachsen state. i watched a film, pan's labyrinth, while the other people are reading or about to sleep. finally, just watching the quarter of the movie, i felt tired.

i struggled to sleep eventhough it was so uncomfortable, slowly my eyes were falling, and before i knew it, i was into oblivion.
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photo by: Kathrin_E