a small sleepy town but with a big music festival, but im not really in a festive mood so to speak.

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after that extraordinary experience seeing the great fixed belt bridge or the storebæltsbroen. time to go back to reality. it was already 8.30-9 am in the morning, i am now on the island of sjaelland. it is where the capital of denmark - copenhagen is located.

i sent some sms to vanessa, telling that about an hour i would arrive in copnehagen and asked her to pick me up at the central station, good thing vanessa was already awake and she told me that she would be there.

to be honest, i am in a creepy (sort of), snappish mood from lack of sleep, i was like a dried up vegetable inside the train. its like took so many drugs that night that i couldnt sleep! hahahaha.

the last stop of the train before copenhagen was at roskilde, denmark. i heard so many things about this small town or city? in denmark, that in every summer, there is a summer festival full of rock, trip hop, electronica etc. bands that gather together for a big showdown in a small town!

if i am not feeling dragged, i would have perked up. but no, all i wanted was a straight bed, a room devoid of people and just sleep for hundreds of years, out recording sleeping beauty.

then i went out of the cabin, and went to the toilet to brush my teeth, i dont have anymore water with me, and when i got inside the toilet, ugh, somebody was busy last night throwing up.  i dont have a choice but to step on some goop to be able to brush my teeth on the sink.

my eyes were closed and im not breathing while i was brushing my teeth, as i was about to get water from the faucet, there wasnt even water available. people were knocking at the toilet, i just rolled my eyes and spat the toothpaste bubbles in the sink, when i got out, people looked at me as though i was the suspect in throwing up in the toilet. haha what a way to start my arrival at copenhagen.

i was listless, i didnt went to the cabin, but just stood in the last car and looking at the door with  a big glass window.
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photo by: Vikram