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the snow queen is my favorite fairytale of all.
it was daybreak, a bit foggy all over the landscape of denmark. from inside the train, i can feel the chill and cold outside. goosebumps crept into my skin, i didnt even laughed at my seat mate across even if she's sleeping with her mouth open. as i looked out the window, there are lots of horses and cows in the farm, which reminded me to eat my breakfast.

i still have my bottled water and apple pie, i was eating while i was watching the scenery pass me by. i am in the land where i dont have any idea that would bring me, all i know that denmark was a land full of old childhood fairytales, fairytales which i grew up with. but these fairytales i read were different, there werent any damsel in distress, fairy godmothers nor a knight in shining armour,  they are more heart touching, heart rendering and heart wrenching. the stories of the little mermaid, the snow queen,  the tin box soldier, the ugly duckling, the little match girl and the story of a mother.

these stories doesn't end with "and they live happily ever after" but these fairytales had all sad endings, a story of struggle, of love, hope and despair, for they were written by my favorite fairytale master of all - hans christian andersen, who apparently lived in the next city of odense for which the train was stopping.

the train was unbelievably slow, but i dont care, it helps me to ponder in so many thoughts.

i am now in scandinavia, the north. a seer once told me that i am a person of the north. i dont know what exactly that means. i will find out, in the days to come.

from my vantage point, this is the most farthest land that i have been from home. it was a total contrast, in my home, it is chaotic and full of people, sounds you can hear for 24 hours neverending, but here, everything was silent, the landscape and all the things that passed by, stillness communicates with me. even the cracking of the train of how loud it was, i can feel the loneliness of the atmosphere that slowly opens up to me, as the hiding sun gently touches its fingers to the land.

i can feel that i am going to journey, that i would leave something inside me, something that i would remember for the rest of my life, i just dont know if its going to be beautiful or the opposite.

fate will decide.

...and i take back what i said about not taking trains anymore.
azsalsa says:
oh, I like that....."stillness communicates with me". You have a magic way with words lauro. I get a feeling of isolation but also a sense of peace with your description..... and THAT communicates with me.
Posted on: Feb 13, 2009
sylviandavid says:
Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs...(the disney version) I like happy endings... LOL.... really .... I don't need it to be realistic ... just happy! Sylvia
Posted on: Feb 08, 2009
lauro says:
sylvia! youre back ^_^ i know youve been busy updating the greece blog ^_^

i dont have any idea of how denmark is, i didnt learned it in history, i only knew about it being a setting for fairytales. but as i entered and traveled this land, its slowly coming in to me.

oh and my favorite fairytale of all is the snow queen! ^_^

and yours?!!
Posted on: Feb 07, 2009
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the snow queen is my favorite fair…
the snow queen is my favorite fai…
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