into the land of ancient viking myths and legends, but first, ähm.. we got lost! hahaha

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now getting out from malmö was a challenge for the both of us, since - i dont know malmö, and mikael doenst have a car, but he knows how to drive, but he doenst know the way out from malmö by driving. hahahaha. what a perfect way to start our roadtrip.

malmö isnt that big, only about 250,000 people, but me and mikael had a hard time finding the exit to the east or south?! hahaha i dont know! finally after minutes of looking at the map which was part of a telephone directory hahaha, finally found the exit out of malmö! it was ridiculous!

as mikael drove, we talked alot about the history of sweden, since i came from the fart east, the philippines, scandinavia is vague to me, for sure we studied european history in school, but only greek mythology, rennaisance, holy roman and otomman empires basically thats that, plus english literature, and i forgot of course, the spanish, the portuguese, the french and the prussian empires, but virtually nothing about the kingdoms of norway, denmark and sweden.

it was a fantastic ride, because we are driving in the secondary roads and the the sea is just within my reach. i was fascinated when mikael told me that there was a time, that sweden lost all of its population with a war in russia, as the king would not surrender eventhough they were losing, so he sent all the men and people battle against the russian empire, but then again some general realized that sweden will lose and no more inhabitants will be left so they murdered the king.


also mikael told me that the baltic states, sweden and finland belong to one kingdome before - the swedish empire. but skåne län was a part of the kingdom of denmark.

we were chatting back and forth, until i took a quick look at the map, and we were driving in the wrong direction! to dead end! instead of going to the direction of trellborg, we drove to skanör falsterbo, it is to the very west of southern sweden and basically dead end! hahaha

so we retraced our route, but mikael couldnt care less, as he told me about skanör falsterbo, it is the sweden's top resort in summer. lots of rich peopel from sweden go here and play in the warm weather. as we passed through small villages, lots of villas and big houses lined in the promenade.

there was also a big nature park where you can hunt wild animals, i think? because i saw a sign for hunters.

so for the second time, we got lost again! hahaha because mikael insisted that we drive in the coast and use small roads instead of the main highway to ystad.

but again, getting lost really is the true beauty of travelling, as you go to places you have never seen before nor even heard.
lauro says:
i dont like using navigators in roadtrips! because it would be boring, i mean you get to the destination much easier and the excitement just fades away! ^_^
Posted on: Feb 13, 2009
azsalsa says:
too bad you didn't have a GPS. My husband and I used one (for the first time in Europe) during our trip to France last month, and it was a godsend!
Posted on: Feb 13, 2009
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