if you fall to the sea, you'll get a free dinner! well, ok that's what happened to me blah blah.

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so i get a free invite from klaus to have dinner because i fell into the sea. as we rode the subway in copenhagen, i couldnt helped being third world hahaha, it was amazing! the subway station was unbelievably ultra modern. well, denmark afterall BELONGS to the 10 richest countries in the world.

after our subway ride, we catched a bus, it was again my first bus ride in copenhagen and my first double decker bus ride ever! and before klaus could say another word again i was up at the 2nd deck! hahhahaha.

after a series of rides, well it was already getting dark so not much to see, finally came klaus' fravorite restaurant an italian one, the maitre d was so nice! well he can only speak danish and italian. so when our menu came, it was only in danish and italian. hahahaha, klaus asked me if he can translate, but i told him, it was easy, since its also the same in germany, only german and italian, so i know what to order already.

i ordered spagetthi napoli, as i am very very embarssed to order something expensive and in denmark and copenhagen, prices for restaurants are unnbelievably expensive! my god!  then it my first time to actually see escargot, (rolls eyes) yes i am such a third world. hahaha as it was klaus' order. but before our orders came, i always excuse myself to go out and smoke, bummer it was not allowed to smoke inside establishments in scandinavia.

in our dinner, was yet again insteresting, of course, my pants were a bit dried as i positioned myself near the heater. hahaha. we talked alot about copenhagen and i asked klaus why is it there are not much of the great buildings in the old city, and he told me that there was a great fire in copenhagen in the 17th or 18th century that lasted 3-4 days that it entirely wiped out the old city of copenhagen and few buildings were restored.

after dinner, i thank klaus for the wonderful evening, for his absolute niceness to me!!

so there you go people, be sure something embarassing happens to you to meet nice people and treat you for dinner! hahaha
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photo by: tj1777