first experience in the night train and what an experience for 68 euros!

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bump, i woke up with the sudden break of the was about 3 am in the morning, i know because everytime the train bumped i kept looking at the clock in my mobile.

then i saw we stopped in the central station of flensburg, eventhough i am toxic withouth deep sleep, i got so excited, as flensburg is the last city in northern germany to the border of denmark! i am now in the last state of germany in the north - schleswig-holstein. i was wishing that it was daylight, because i am very much curious to see the landscape, schleswig-holstein is the flattest state of germany!

surprisingly, most of the passengers - young passenger went off the train! then suddenly it hit me, that flensburg is also a young city, a university city. 2 passengers in our cabin went off, so its not so crowded anymore. then the guy on the farthest left of me moved to another cabin which was empty and slept there.

my back was hurting from sleeping uncomfortably and my knees and feet were numb most of the time, the ticket was cheap only 68 euros roundtrip, but we were like packed sardines! hahahaha, so i went again to the toilet then went back to my cabin since the girl in front of me was gone, i can rest my feet across the other seat, ut darn, the woman in the otherside moved to the window seat. aaarrrghhhh.

i still have more or less 5 hours to kill time before i arrive in copenhagen. then i really tried again to get a good sleep even for like 1 hour.
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photo by: ela82