the danish border police couldnt care less!

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i was awaken from the sudden stop of the train. i dont know what they were doing this time, but i dont like it! it seems when i was starting to really fall asleep something always wakens me up! i hate it! arrrghhh.

it was again a long stop, then suddenly i heard some commotions outside and some knocking on the cabins, my god, it was like 4-5 am! couldnt they let the people sleep?! hahahaha

then two uniformed men stopped in our cabin. apparently they were danish police, so one by one we took out our passports, i was the last one because i was seated at the window, the others didnt had problems as they were germans and americans. went it was my turn, i expected the usual barraging of question, citing me to stand up from my seat, but to my surprise, he just asked whats the meaning of the german thingy that was on my passport and i said its reisdent permit, he didnt even scrutinized it. again mystery solved why terrorists were caught in denmark, they just let these slipups unnoticed.

by that time, i decided, i will never ever USE night trains going to copenhagen again! it was the most uncomfortable ride i had ever been with full of heebeejeebees disturbances from sleeping here and there!

after the passport control, im praying i cpoould get sleep again, because its hard to fall asleep in this situation AND the total excitement THAT I AM NOW IN DENMARK!
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photo by: Chokk