a boring, cold day and curiosity kills the cat as danish hotdogs are hard as rock!

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today's a big day, as i promised kim that i would be helping him to carry some of vanessa's new furnitures and things for her new flat in copenhagen.

since vanessa got to copenhagen just a few months ago, she's still in the process of redecorating her beautiful flat.

whil waiting for kim in the afternoon, i just piggd out again at vanessa's noodles, and took a small walk in strøget, there are lots of people there, so i dont feel like walking towards them and crowding with them too, so i took some little side street walk towards the end of strøget, got a little bit tired and hungry, then i did what i wanted to do in copenhagen for a long time, since i always see these stands in the central station, eating danish hotdogs.

i went into a stand where a woman was selling them, i aksed the woman if she can speak in english, she can and she was so nice, so i asked her i am very curious about the danish hotdogs, and actually i think she was bored and needed someone to talk to, so we talked for a while blah blah things, so i asked for my hotdog and she explained to me the different sauces, hahahaha, she was really bored, so i said the remoulade sauce would be a good combination, its fucking expensive, about 20 danish kroner, thats about 3 euros. she handed me the hotdog with a a smile and i smiled back getting my hotdog, she was looking at me expectantly when i had my first bite, i smiled wided at her, but deep in my teeth it was stuck as basically it was hard as a rock, i thought that bratwursts in germany are made of steel, but this one is strange, like rock crumbling in the mouth! hahaha, but of course im chewing it with a smile and thanked the woman who was selling them, i walked fast and she went on with her life, yes i walked fast because i am looking for a trash can to throw it away. hahaha, for me the wiener sausage/hotdog is still the best!

wheni was back at the flat, it was about the same time kim arrived, with lots of things to carry, vanessa's flat is on the third floor and there are no elevators, so kim and me painstakingly carried an antique coffeetable, with lots of boxes and cartons from the philippines.

but amazingly, we did it! in less than an hour! and kim had to hurry to go to fetch vanessa, as they are going to a party tonight, and i dont want to go out again.

i stayed in the house and flipped through vanessa's collection of dvds, and i found one from my favorite danish actor! mads mickelsen! but i saw something more interesting! my favorite film of all time! todo sobre mi madre, so i watched it in vanessa's living room, while crying and wiping tears pigging on vanessa's noodles and cheetos. after that, it was still early, so i watched a film again, amelie! haha i heard so much about this film and i still hadnt watched it, so i watched it!

at about 12 am, the guys werent there and i received a text from vanessa that they would sleep in their friend's house, but i told them that they better come early tomorrow before  i leave as i am going to treat them for brunch!

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photo by: the_bill