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well.... i know its a little bit early to start my blog, but i wont be having time these next few weeks till my departure, lots of things to do at work and school and a friend from the philippines would come to visit me  here in düsseldorf 1 week before i leave and will stay till the last day i leave :D.

i will finally meet vanessa (profilename: vallescas), my classmate way back in the 3rd grade - which i had contact short time last year, and she told me that she'll be working in copenhagen in denmark, at first we didnt knew which one would visit each other, since i can leave work anytime i want because i am only part-time working, we decided that i should come to copenhagen instead of her coming to düsseldorf.

it was a very complicated schedule for me - because at the same time - i planned to go to switzerland to visit a good friend saskia, we met and travelled together last summer - but it was still tentative because she didnt knew when would she be able to accomodate me - and also my friend ariel invited me to go to vienna again together with our good brazilian/portuguese friend - marcelo and roam budapest.  it was a hell of a decision to make - my original plan was to go to switzerland  - because i promised saskia and i always keep my promise - but she told me that she couldnt accomodate me because she had many pending works to do - and i was already in  vienna this april (though i would love to visit again) and vanessa kept pestering me to go to copenhagen - so...... i said yes :D - to copenhagen!

now the problem is my transportation, first i planned to hitchike from düsseldorf to hamburg then from hamburg a train ride to copenhagen, when i look at the train prices from ham to copenhagen i almost had a hard attack it was still expensive! 70-80-90 even 150  euros one way!!! still i coulndt save money. then i looked at the airfares - 117 euros roundrip - hmm plausible but i still wanna get the cheapest, then i suddenly remembered nighttrains! so i went immediately to the central station (coz i cant pay online coz i dont have credit crads :D) when i ask in the counter about details, dates and stuff - she handed me a piece of paper and all inclusive was only 68 euros for more or less 1000 kms of journey! hehehehe so i immediately booked it, not thinking that night trains travelled late at night almost midnight - so i got the wrong schedule :D hahaha instead of arriving at 19th i will be arriving on the 20th - because i said to the woman on the 19th! :D doenst matter :D it's still a premium :D

i will be experimenting on this blog - because lots of pictures already of copenhagen, i would try to take pictures on my perspective, and mabye find some people who would cooperate with me to take pictures of them, and i will also put blog titles out from lines from songs that would inspire me over this journey. i will also spend two days in sweden because the southernmost city malmö is only 35 mins by rail from copenhagen and i already found someone who is willing to roadtrip with me the entire coastline and show me the sights and landscapes of skåne, sweden.  i am already excited of my journey for it is deep autumn - where leaves get fiery as they can, the air much cleaner, strong winds, rains splats and of course.....  this is the north, this is skandinavia - land of the vikings, runic monuments, unknown archeological sites - and already the start of the winter equinox.
lauro says:
hahahah yes - but gold dust was my song inspiration here lol
Posted on: Nov 28, 2009
esterrene says:
Love the Tori reference!! :P
Posted on: Nov 26, 2009
lauro says:
hahaha mostly me complaining inside the train! ^_^
Posted on: Feb 13, 2009
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photo by: Chokk